Posted by: Deanna | August 7, 2007

Hi! I’m back!!!

Did you miss me? I sure missed you! I know if you don’t tell everyone you know where to find me I’ll be horribly lonely and depressed over here, so pass the news…Deanna’s moved again! Now to my family and friends this comes as no surprise. We move a lot! This move, however, was relatively painless; no boxes to pack and unpack, no utilities to change over, no need to piss off the cat, who in his 15 years of life has moved right along with us…a lot!

Hopefully this new and improved Blogger will be kind to me and let me post with few headaches. Now I just need to have someone help me pretty up the site, cuz the options for how the blogs look are just too darn plain! I need pretty! This black won’t last long, I hope.

So I’m toddling off to start a new book. Mary and I went to the library this afternoon to pick up something new to read. We also made a stop at the post office to mail a REALLY late birthday present!

Let’s see how a picture does here….



  1. Glad to find you again Deanna! Blogger is what I use and I love it! That is the cutest photo! I had a cat that looked exactly like yours, so cute – I miss her!

  2. I found you…I have always been with blogger so i dont know any other way!! I have never had a problem…YET!! I will change your address on my bloglines. Sandy

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