Posted by: Deanna | August 8, 2007

A visitor passes through…

As I was pulling into the driveway this afternoon I saw this little guy in the grass! I followed him across the yard as he watched me suspiciously as he made his way to the neighbor’s driveway. It was blistering hot today and I think his little feet were burning on the concrete. He would take a few quick steps then pull his feet up into his shell. He finally made it to a shady spot under the neighbors truck. Apparently, he caused quite a ruckous with the neighbors! He sprinted into their garage when they opened the door and they had quite a time trying to get him out!


  1. Great pics of the turtle!

  2. I imagine he was just looking for someplace cool don’t you imagine!! I would think that concrete would really hurt those little toes of his. WHEW!! If it is as HOT there as it is here in Savannah!! Too hot to go anywhere!! Sandy

  3. Yes, it has been really hot here! I don’t know where that little guy was headed, but I know there isn’t any pond with much water nearby.

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