Posted by: Deanna | August 11, 2007

A New Job…Again.

A few weeks ago I filled out an application at the WalMart here in our little town. Frantic about needing money coming into the house I figured, what the hell. I sat for about an hour fiddling with the application on their little machine; similar to a computer, supposed to be user friendly, mouse ball on the fritz. It took twice the time it should have taken to answer all the silly questions, 65 in all, because the ball thingy was wacked out and wouldn’t go where I wanted it to go. It did cross my mind, however, that this may be a test in itself. If I could navigate through the application process while sitting among the throng of people waiting in the customer service line, then maybe I had a chance to advance to the next step.
I didn’t hear from anyone so I called the store and talked to someone in personnel. They were really busy, but yes they were hiring, could I call back tomorrow? Certainly! This went on for quite a few days, but finally talked to someone who actually looked at my application and was told that they would get it to the right people. Okay.
Another couple of days go by, so I call again. Finally, the person actually reads the application and says that they really need someone in the photo lab and she would get my app to her right away. The week ends with no word, but bright and early Saturday morning as I cut and paste pictures on my latest scrapbook page, the phone reads and the caller ID announces it’s the WalMart Super Center.Super! Can I come in on Tuesday for an interview? Of course!
Tuesday comes and I spit and shine my shoes, iron up my best WalMart clothes, and douse myself with powder, cuz it’s HOT and I will surely sweat through my clothes just walking through the parking lot and head over for my interview. They have me waiting in the area that used to be the layaway department, on a bench where another gentleman is sitting, apparently waiting, also, to be interrogated…I mean, interviewed. He’s dressed in a suit. I assume he’s applying for a much higher position than I am.
I sit, twidling my thumbs, reading the various signs and notices still plastered on the walls that pertained to the layaway department, trying to wait patiently for my interview.
Out of the corner of my eye I see a familiar shape and turn to see Bill walking toward me! He was out of the office for a while and came to see if I had gone in for the interview yet. He said he just walked around the store trying to figure out where I might be and he found me! He’s so cute. He wished me luck and headed back to work.
As I watched him walk away, I said, “Man, those husbands, you just never know when they’ll show up.” The man in the suit found that quite amusing. He was still laughing when someone came out to talk to him.
It wasn’t long before it was my turn in the chair. I was interviewed by the photo department manager and the assistant store manager, who asked me tons of questions; yada, yada, yada. I filled out a bunch of papers, was informed of the drug test policy and was sent off with my little lab note to go fill a specimen jar.
Another week goes by and not a word. I didn’t know what to think, but finally I get a call the other day telling me to be at WalMart for orientation this Saturday from 9 to 5.
Required clothing for WalMart employees these days is khaki pants and blue t-shirts. This was easy to come by. And I also found a new pair of tennis shoes that look like they will do for many hours of standing on my feet. The other thing I needed has proven a bit hard to come by.
This would be a new bra. Stop reading now if you don’t care.
But I really need new bras. I don’t remember when I bought them for myself. I think it was in Indiana. We’ve been in Florida four years now.
The first place to look was, natually, WalMart! They carry that tried and true brand, Just My Size, which means that there is every size in the rack BUT just my size! No luck. So we skip on over to the itty, bitty mall here in town and take a stab at JCPenney and the other stores there with no luck, of course, but I wasn’t really expecting to find anything.
Driving home I ponder the idea of heading down to Gainesville to shop in the bigger stores down there. Surely, it would be easier to find something to fit in a town that not only sported two super WalMarts, but a Target, a real life-sized mall and several specialty shops that cater to the full-figured woman.
Or do I just wait until another day and see if that last hook on the back of my only bra, almost stretched to it’s limit, will hold on just a little while longer.
Mary and I headed to Gainesville around six o’clock
First stop the WalMart on 13th Street. Huge WalMart! No luck.
Next stop, cross town, another WalMart, smaller, but bigger than ours nonetheless.
They had one.
Don’t like it.
Looked at the time.
Just about 9. The other stores and the mall will be closed by the time we get there.
Okay. It will do.
We hadn’t had dinner, so we grabbed a burger and headed home up the interstate. The drive wasn’t bad if you didn’t count the semi trucks trying to take us out. We drove our little toy car, the Scion, which is really, really small and I think one the truckers like to mess with. If we were to be hit in the back, we’d be dead. So I stayed in the fast lane where the trucks are not supposed to go and making all the other speed demons extremely mad because I’m not going a hundred miles and hour. But we had Elvis blasting on the stereo with Mary singing along and we didn’t care!
Now, I’m off to bed to dream of the little WalMart smiley face bouncing around in my head!



  1. Congrats on your new job! I found the best and most comfortable bras (and on sale) at Lane Bryant…and they last too!

  2. I’d shop at Lane Bryant, too, but right now I’m lookin’ at the cheap factor. Maybe I’ll be able to afford good ones, soon.

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