Posted by: Deanna | August 13, 2007

First day down!

Well, made it through my first day at WalMart; orientation. Not much new, same old stuff. Silly videos to watch, company history, safety videos, talked to a couple different people who told us about their life at WalMart, very rah, rah. Started some computer based training, that’s all the rage these days. The day went by pretty quickly. Can’t complain. Got my name tag! Wanna see?
Mary has been in heaven this week. She spent that day at Mike and Debbie’s yesterday while Bill and I were at work. She helps out with the grandkids and does whatever Debbie needs her to do. Mike took her and the oldest granddaughter to the store and while they were there he picked up a little wading pool for the two youngest kids. When I got there in the afternoon to pick her up, she and the oldest girl were in the big pool and the two tiny ones were in the wading pool. They were so cute and having such a great time! It’s a little blow up pool and they had about 4 inches of water in it for them. This was the baby place to be!
Mike told me that Mary just loved that thing, too! She was sure this would be perfect for her to have in her yard to get in and cool off! She, of course, thought it was just absurd when I told her she was a bit big for it.
Later in the evening, Debbie and I were off to the store and while at WalMart she told me that Mike wanted her to get that little pool for Mary. They were on clearance and there was only one left and wanted to be sure and get one.
So we did.
When I got home I gave it to Mary and she was so excited! She just could not wait for morning to come so Bill could blow it up and fill it with water for her! So here she is in her new puddle! She was out in it for over an hour, long enough to get all wrinkly and wet.
This evening she was all set to lounge in her puddle again and then toast some marshmellows over a fire that she talked her dad into building in the little patio fireplace we have, but the wind started blowing, the clouds blew in and the thunder and lightening made an appearance, so the plans were cancelled. Thankfully though, she was pacified by the fact that 1) there’s always tomorrow and 2) Elvis was on TV Land; The 1968 Comback Special! She grabbed her pink poodle she got at Build a Bear and perched herself on our bed and was glued to the TV for 90 minutes, only interrupted by Oreo screaming at her to open the door.
Bill spent the day with Tiger Woods; well, watching him on the golf course. Now there’s football on. Mary and I escaped sports central in the scrap room playing with pictures. It was a pretty quiet day.
The night time ritual has started. I tell Mary to go get ready for bed, but she never seems to remember that this includes brushing her teeth and washing her face. We’re getting ready for school to start and that means earlier bed time for her. She’s not thrilled about that. I think she likes being a night owl.

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