Posted by: Deanna | August 16, 2007

What? Wednesday?

The last few days have gone by fast. It’s barely Wednesday, will be Thursday by the time I’m done here.
I’ve spent the last couple of days helping Debbie out with the grandkids; she hasn’t been feeling well. Boy, those 3 little one’s are a handful! The youngest, a cute as can be little boy, is just hilarious, the middle one is 2 and is really good at it, the middle child who lets us know with a blood curdling scream when she feels slighted in any way at all. The oldest is 5, very bouncy, can carry a tune quite well, stumbles a lot and it quite a little character, looking forward to starting kindergarden.
I’m SO glad my girls are 10 years apart!
Yeah, they didn’t ‘play’ as children together. When Mary was a toddler, Dayna had quite a few ways to torture her and did whenever she got the chance. But Mary was quite creative, too. She knew Dayna didn’t like those big sloppy kisses and she’d plant one on her at every opportunity!
Oh, look! It’s Thursday now!
I’ve wiggled my way out of the photo department at WalMart. I have just evening hours as a cashier now. This will work a lot better for us! It’s kind of what I wanted in the first place, but if you put your availability as anything but ‘available 24 hours at your discretion’ it’s impossible to get an interview! This will give me a lot more time to work with homeschool stuff, house stuff and helping Debbie out, too.
We splurged today and bought a movie. I haven’t had a good laugh in a long time and Wild Hogs was just hilarious! It has some favorite actors of mine in it and they didn’t let me down! Too funny! If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. Bill even stayed up late to watch the whole thing! He was up way past his bed time!
Well, Mary’s in her room fighting with the kitten. She’s come out twice in 10 minutes to tell me she can’t fall asleep. Oreo is walking all over her and she can’t fall asleep. Argh…..
I should be off to bed myself; morning will come early and it’ll be time to go back over and herd the little kids to the breakfast table! Let the pancakes fly!

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