Posted by: Deanna | August 17, 2007


My poor, fat feet hurt! And I even bought some new fancy sneakers to wear at my new job at WalMart! Could it be that all these months of sitting on my rear end has caused that muscle to widen and my leg muscles to weaken? Nah! But boy do my feet hurt!
Worked from 5 to 10:30 tonight, shadowing a real nice lady named Pat around the store. I seem to know a few real nice ladies named Pat. Good name.
I helped some customers while she pointed out what buttons to push on those new fangled computerized cash registers, we filled in for people in the money center and customer service so they could have breaks, and I stood out in the garden center watching people coming and going and assuring no tv’s or packages of sweat socks were leaving the property without being paid for. “Thank ya for shopping at WalMart! Y’all got a receipt for that?”
Mary and Bill stopped by to see me while I was at work. I was just returning from break when I saw that little blondie girl running toward me. She was very excited about being there. She’d earned some new Barbie clothes for her work helping Debbie with the kids. She’s so good with them.
So I’m home now. Bill and Mary are asleep and the cats are on the prowl. Poor Boris doesn’t know what time of day it is. He thinks it’s time for his daily routine. Sorry Bo, can’t go outside now. The kitten’s raced around and caught the bugs that followed me through the front door, had a bite to eat, run from my wrath after clawing the couch and is now curled up in the pile of shoes by the front door.
Guess I oughta go to bed.


  1. I used to work at walmart! I loved it but boy did my feet hurt too! I think they finally stopped hurting after the second month there LOL.

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