Posted by: Deanna | August 30, 2007

A Little List

Reading my favorite blogs this morning I found this on Flip Flop Floozie’s page, so I thought I’d join in! Maybe you’ll learn a little bit about me. (scary!)

Accent – Originally from Southern California, I tend to mimic the accent of wherever we live, so I guess mine tends to be a bit southern sometimes, now, with a dash of Lake City’s own slant.
I Don’t Drink- MILK! Can’t stand it. My mom told me I would even through my bottle out of the crib! I can’t stand the smell of it!
Chore I hate – Not too fond of many, but really hate that darn cat box. Love the cat’s though!
Pets – 2 cats; Boris and Oreo
Essential Electronics – My computer, a must for homeschool and LOVE my digi camera!
Perfume – Don’t really wear any much anymore. I used to wear Tabu a lot, but don’t like it anymore.
Insomnia – Sometimes, but all I usually have to do is try to read a book laying down and then I can’t keep my eyes open.
Job Title – Cashier at WalMart! Hoo-Eeee!
Most Admired Trait – Mine? Don’t have a clue. Honesty is what I would expect in other people.
Religion – Christian. I was raised Catholic…somewhat, but don’t understand much of that.
Siblings – Two brothers since childhood and 2 sisters that I gained as an adult!
Time I wake up – The cats think that I should be up at 5:10 every morning for some reason. Sometimes they let me go back to sleep.
Unusual talent/skill – Everything about me is unusual, just ask my hubby. lol
Vegetable I refuse to eat – spinach, cooked. Raw in a salad is okay. Just don’t like to see that squirmy mass of green after it’s cooked!
Worst habit – Procrastination. I’m going to work on that, but thought I’d wait until the new year.
X-rays – chest, foot, hand and mouth. They should do my head to see if there’s anything good in there!
My favorite meal- There’s so many! But Pat’s stroganoff has to top the list, I think.

So leave some comments! Take the little quiz for yourself and let me know! I’d be happy to follow you over to your blog!!!


  1. Don’t have time to do the quiz but loved reading yours. Hey did I miss an email changing your email address? I have had two returns….Also saw pics of Mary with school but couldn’t make comment.


  2. I thought this was kinda fun..glad that you tried it..Sandy

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