Posted by: Deanna | September 6, 2007

Morning Coffee

awoke as usual to the sound of the cats trying to get my attention. One wants outside, the other in the garage. I stumble through the darkness to answer their requests, notice the time and decide to put the coffee on. Bill will be up in a few minutes to play his morning solitaire on the computer while munching away on his bagel before work.
After battling ants all day yesterday, the coffee pot and all it’s components were in the dish drainer, shining brightly now from being scrubbed. I take the coffee out of the cupboard, slip the filter into it’s home and fill it with grounds. I grab the pot, fill with water and pour. HIt the button. We’ll have that hot cup in just a minute or two.

It sure is making a weird sizzling sound. Gee, what’s that in the drainer? The basket that holds the filter and coffee! Water and grounds are pouring through the gaping hole in and around the pot, sizzling on the warmer, puddling around the coffee pot. Yikes! Turn the thing off, unplug it, sop up all the grounds and water that have gone everywhere, add the handy basket, put in new grounds, refill the tank…

Ah, crap… I didn’t need to refill the tank. It was pretty much full; now over-full and running out the back of the coffee maker all over the counter. Unplug again, trot it over to the sink and let it drain nicely. And I walk away.

Handy, sweet husband takes over. I hear him in the kitchen now. He gets it all set up, pushes the button, and then realizes that he didn’t need to fill the thing up with water again, either. Water is puddling all over the counter, he’s madly wiping up.

I think we need to go back to bed, because we aren’t getting any coffee too soon!


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