Posted by: Deanna | September 9, 2007

Bought out the store

Headed to Gainesville this morning to an Immediate Care Center that accepts our insurance. Open on Sunday! Wow! I was so glad. I had Bill check into it yesterday when he got home, but they were all closed by then. I knew the odds of getting in to see my regular doc on Monday morning was pretty slim, so we headed for the Immediate Care this morning.

The doctor was cool. Quick and to the point. She didn’t want to be there more than any of us in the waiting room, I’m sure. But she was nice, respectful and gave me a boatload of stuff to get me feeling better and all the explainations to go with each item. That’s rare, these days, in my experience. I was not exactly in the ‘comprehending mode’ of listening, but Bill was with me and I knew he would remember.

We didn’t have to wait too long either, which was a blessing, since I was trying to move as little as possible in order to prevent one of those disgustingly long coughing jags that sounds like I’m bringing up a lung. I was able to prevent that happening until I went up to the window when my name was called thinking they were calling me to the back when all they wanted was the co-pay. Arg. Oh well.

We headed right over to the pharmacy when we left, fists full of perscriptions and estimating what portion of the paycheck was going to have to go to these life savers. Let’s see; groceries for the rest of the week or let mom live? Tough choice, but I think there’s still some mac and cheese and ramen in the pantry. (The ants didn’t even want THAT!) The doctor blessed me with a coupon, though, for the inhaler that I was sure would bring me back from that walk toward the light I was anticipating in the near future.

I hadn’t eaten a real meal in two days so we stopped at Crispers for a sandwich and a bowl of soup. We sat in relative silence, chomping away at our sandwiches and watching the people around us enjoying their repast. I didn’t want to risk chattering too much; that causes the coughing fit to start, too.

Where’s Mary, you ask?

She’s spending the day with the neighbors! They went out to their Aunt’s house where they’re swimming and clowning around. They go every week and the boys invited Mary to go along. We called her to let her know that mom would live to see another day. She was relieved.

‘Okay! Okay! Can I go now?’

Such love and support.



  1. i have been reading about your being sick!! You sound like it has been lousy and I am sure it has. I usually get sick around this time of the year too but so far so good. I am on Zyrtec this year and hopefully that is going to help to keep all of that CRUDE clear!! I usually end up getting a bad bronchitis or last year I got pneumonia. BE CAREFUL!! I also understand about that medication. Wait till you get older and have others to take that you just HAVE TO HAVE and then try to do all the other is definitely hard. i wonder how we are going to make it on Social Security…ha!! Funny!!

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