Posted by: Deanna | September 10, 2007

What’s Up?

Well, I’m trying to get things a little caught up here. I’ve posted a few layouts so click up there for Scrappin’ on the Edge and take a Peek! I’m not happy with the photography of the layouts, but oh well. At least a couple are up.

I also have a handy dandy little chat thing over there…>>>>> see it??? Cute isn’t it? I stole the idea from Nikki’s Blog and I just Had to have one! lol So leave me a little Hello! when you stop by! No url is necessary, just pop in your name and a comment! It’s getting kinda lonely around the blog lately!

I’ve also found another cool place to hang out, thanks to Nikki, again! (Hi Nikki!) Check out Cafe Mom! It’s like a MySpace for moms. I’m sure moms, daughters, aunts, grandma’s and sisters are all welcome, too. I hear tell there’s even some single dads around there. I’ve been having fun meetin’ and greetin’ folks over there, too! So pop in and say Hi! I’ll have you runnin’ all over the net today to find me!

As for the physical me. I’m just here at home trying to get over whatever it is I have. I feel better and sound better today, but the old body is still telling me to take it easy. Walking through the house is a chore, let alone trying to exert myself in any other manner.

So far my energy has been spent on playing on the computer, pointing out all the places the ants are to Bill so he can KILL them and qietly coaching Mary in her school work.


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