Posted by: Deanna | September 11, 2007

Blog Reading!

Thought I’d share some blog posts I’ve been reading this morning while waiting for Mary to get going on school!

Hop over to It Could’ Been Worse to read about the basic difference between boys and girls. I loved it! Thanks Fiddledeedee!

I love this Scrap Blog, How Much is Too Much? If you want some good challenges to use up an abundance of ‘stash’ (as in scrapbook supplies…somehow that sounded wrong!) visit over there and be inspired!

You’ve got to read this one! a Simply Amusing Blog will put a smile on your face and having you thank God for Your ‘first’ date disasters!

and finally (because I have to stop this or I won’t get anything else done!)
Because I Said So has a funny, yet somehow scary list on her blog!




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