Posted by: Deanna | September 19, 2007

Traveling again

I’m always moving. Can’t seem to sit still. This also holds true in the virtual world of the internet. I Blog. I don’t like where I’m at. So I’m moving. Family and friends know the truth. I just love new addresses! They all have several pages of crossed out home addresses and phone numbers for us. Since we seem to be here in Lake City now for the duration, they sighed a deep sigh of relief and hope to not have to scratch out that home address any time soon. Blog address; different story! I’m still trying to find one that fits that I don’t have to pay for! Let’s give it a go, shall we??? You can still find me here for past posts.


  1. Please thank Mary for me for the lovely card. and yes, Hot Mama, my new car is doing wonders for my high blood pressure along with the meds! lol

  2. Hey I have one of those address books! So many numbers I am never sure if I have the right phone #,cell #, Home addy or email addy, now I am keeping track of virtual addy’s.

    Think I have the right email addy now. Not sure about some of the others. But will now add this one to list of favorites.

    Love ya,

    Your Sister!

    PS. Mom said she was on your blog the other night even left you a comment. Couldn’t find one so I think she goofed some how.

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