Posted by: Deanna | September 22, 2007

Back to School

Well, my homeschooling days are over…again. After much agonizing, fretting, worrying, regretting and pondering Mary has gone back to public school here in this forsaken place. I’m done.

We’ve been struggling lately. The quiet refusal of things that need to be done have finally taken its toll on me and we enrolled Mary at the nearby elementary school. She was elated. The first two days. On the third the complaining started.

‘I’m tired.’

‘The class is noisy.’

‘My stomach hurts.’

‘My feet hurt.’

Well, get over it.

We were walking out to the car Wednesday morning when the lamenting started and I put an end to it fast.

‘You don’t like school? You didn’t like homeschool! Well, guess what! I don’t want to hear it. You can’t have it both ways.’

We rode the short distance to school in silence.

Have a good day.

Friday morning on the way to school I asked if she was prepared for her spelling test. I told her nothing but an ‘A’ was acceptable so she’d better be ready. She passed. I had a nice talk with her about her new venture in public school. She’ll be coasting for a while because we’ve already covered a lot of what they are doing there now, but it was not an excuse to take it easy. I will be pushing her all the way.

I really, REALLY did not want her to go back to the schools here. They are dismal. But with working now and being extremely exhausted, I don’t have the will and stamina to continue the silent battles that have been occuring.

Friday afternoon we stopped into one of the scrapbook stores, not my favorite one, but the other one. There’s a lady there that I chit chat with when I’m there. She’d seen me working at WalMart a few nights ago, so she asked me how it was going and what I was doing with Mary while I was at work. I told her I only work nights during the week, but we had just put Mary back in the public school here. We started talking about the circumstances and about my reasons for not wanting her to go back and it hit me… oops, I think she’s from here. I try to be tactful about my reasons for not liking these schools here, but she was ready for a debate. Okay, I can do that. I threw out my disdainful comment, “Oh, you must be from Lake City! Have you ever lived anywhere else? There’s a big world out there with much better education.” Yeah, I know, I’m a bitch. She started in about how it didn’t matter what the kids were like, if the parents taught the kids correctly, the ‘good’ kids would not be influenced. Yeah. She lives in a dream world. In the best of worlds you have to fight that influence that others have over your children.

But anyway, I left with a smile and went on about my day.

Thursday was Back To School Night. Mary did not want to go. I had to work. Bill took her. He went with camera in hand with a couple instructions. I asked Mary to take some pictures of the room. That did not happen. Oh well. Here’s a couple pix. One of Mary and her teacher together and another of Mary not wanting to have her picture taken.

Mary and Ms. CaleyClassroom

In other news, I’m still working on a birthday gift. The day is coming fast, right around the corner and yes, it will be late. Sister, you know who I’m talking about! It’s not much, but it’s coming! There are more birthdays that I miss than I hit, but I’m trying. This year I was trying to get all the sisters and sister’s in law. I’m 3 in 6 so far. Missed one sister in law in June. Need to slap myself. I need to catch up on that one and get ready for one in December. Ackkk! I can do it…. lol

Dayna’s b-day is coming up. She’ll be 20! (my baby!!) I plan on a visit to Orlando around her big day. I work the weekends, so it will be a midweek visit. Bill and Mary will go down on a weekend sometime, but I’m going to go spend some time with her on my own. She’s been working really hard lately and is looking forward to some down time. She and Brien went to Sea World yesterday and I put in a request for some pictures, but when I talked to her this morning I didn’t bring it up. She was on her way to work and I didn’t want to be pushy. Lol

Well, I’m off to the races in a little while! Saturday at WalMart! Yeah! Hopefully the day (and night) will go by fast. Off at 11!


  1. Thanks in advance for the B-gift! Loved the pics you sent to Mom. Not much going on here. Retreat is this next weekend. Been busy getting ready for that one. Katie is mad at me again. OH WELL! Took her to see P3 this weekend. She didn’t bother to clean up kitchen or other stuff. So yes I got mad. I got the “I HATE YOU”. Oh well, I know I’m the B because I stuck around. Shut her up. Probably shouldn’t have said it but she really made me mad. Sounds like a Mommy Get Away time is needed for All!

    Love ya,


  2. I’m sure this was a hard decision for you to make but Mary is a bright little girl and she will adjust and do fine. I am glad you are keeping the pressure on her to do well and succeed.

    and Mary, school will become more fun as time goes on and you get to know more and more of the kids. Find the good ones and stay true.

    Your friend, Jules (the retired English teacher!)

    Will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. That’s my favorite picture, too, S. I’ll be sure to send you some! Don’t worry about being the ‘B’; welcome to that mom club….lol
    Love ya!

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