Posted by: Deanna | October 6, 2007

Where are the keys? (mini vacation Pt. 2)

As soon as Dayna closed the door, her face went from thoughtful to shocked. She broke into tears instantly and said, ‘We’re f**ked!’ With tears rolling down her face she started telling me how the management of the apartment complex doesn’t come out for being locked out after hours, that we would have to call a locksmith. It would cost about $70.00. Through her tears I hear her say, “This is the last straw!”

When we walked out the door, I saw keys on the counter where we had set our purses, but I assumed they were the store keys or something since she left them there. She, however, had been driving us around in my car since it has air conditioning and her car doesn’t, and, as is her habit, got the car keys out of her purse as we went outside headed for dinner. It’s a habit, she has keys in hand when she leaves her apartment. This time, though, it was my keys and not hers. She was so mad at herself.

We called and got ahold of the locksmith to come out to unlock the door. He said he would be there within 45 minutes. We headed to the bank and got some cash out to pay him and then went back to the apartment to wait outside for his arrival. By this time, Dayna was just angry with herself. I let her rant and rave, hoping she wouldn’t be too hard on herself.

The locksmith arrived, fiddled around at the door for about 10 minutes and finally got it opened. They have electronic locks so he had to use a different technique than for ordinary locks. Dayna was silent throughout the whole thing. She was furious as to how much it cost for him to come out, but after I explained what a guy ‘on call’ did she calmed down. I told her he was probably home watching tv with his family and got the call, had to get his stuff together and come out. She thought he was sitting in a shop somewhere. It was a lot of money, but what are you going to do?

She’s been so stressed lately, working a lot, spattin’ with the boyfriend and just getting used to what ‘real’ life is. I think she’s a bit disappointed in the fact that there is a lot of work and not enough money coming in to fulfill the dreams she had of living on her own. Tough lesson. It was hard for me to see those tears and hear the desperation in her voice, but there was nothing I could do really to make her feel much better. I just listened. Let her vent, storm and stomp, only interrupting when she started sounding really foolish about what she had to say about the apartment complex. I knew she was venting and when she calmed down she would feel different. I know too well how angry you can feel when you do something stupid. She gets it from me. A hard reality staring me in the face. I wanted to just crawl in a closet and cry.

But we got through it. What seemed to bother her most was not being able to go out to dinner. She thought it was something I really wanted to do. I told her ‘Let’s go in, pop in the movie and eat half of that turtle pie we got at the store.’

The crisis passed, we got involved in the movie, picked it apart, enjoyed every bite of that yummy pie and forgot all about what had gone on earlier, or at least didn’t talk about it any more.

It was well past midnight when I told her I just had to sleep. We went into the bedroom to inflate the air bed for old mom to sleep on and ended up laughing and giggling until tears rolled again, this time not from aggrivation, but from giddiness. She donned her iPod headphones and I grabbed my book to read a few pages and we were asleep before too long.

…to be continued



  1. Wow she is absolutely gorgeous! You must be so proud of her 🙂

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