Posted by: Deanna | October 7, 2007

Fall Festival


Today was Lake City’s annual Fall Festival. Mary and I, along with the neighbor boys, headed over to the fair grounds to see what there was to see.


The kids had fun, though.

The grassy area was filled with blow up slides of every shape and size.

The kids had fun, though.

The sky was black most of the time and there was light rain that soaked the ground just enough to make it muddy. Of course, the kids have to take their shoes off to go on all those blow up things. Their socks were black!

They had fun, though.

I stood watch over them holding onto four umbrellas, four goodie bags and four pairs of shoes.

It was fun watching them, so it was worth it.

We were only there about two and a half hours. I think they got enough exercise to give them a good nights sleep.

Here’s the little darlings!



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