Posted by: Deanna | October 7, 2007

Mmmm…Starbucks (mini vacation Pt. 3)

Wednesday morning I woke, slid off the inflatable bed and went in search of a clock. Still early, but wandered out into the livingroom. Dayna and Alley were happily snoozing away still, but Cassidy was bright eyed and ran to the food bowl wanting her breakfast. Sorry, kitty, don’t know where the food is.cassidy.jpg

I grabbed my glasses and my book and went out onto the patio, Cassidy scooting past me eager to join me while I sat and watched the construction going on across the way, new condos going up.

I read for a while, feet propped up on the footstool, Cassidy chasing my toes whenever they moved, until I started nodding off. The flat diet coke from the night before wasn’t enough to wake me up all the way. I decided I should go back to bed instead of falling asleep out there in the patio chair and the possibility of me and my book flopping down on the floor.

I heard Dayna up and moving around so I got up, too. I slept another 2 hours. Felt good. After a little while we got dressed and headed out. First stop, Starbucks, across the street in the Target store. Dayna had her usual, a sweet ice coffee and slice of marble cake, I had my cafe mocha. ‘I can’t believe you’re having HOT coffee!’ I’d already complained it was getting warm outside, but cold coffee just doesn’t appeal to me. She made me taste it, though. ‘Please, Mom! It’s good!’ It was okay, not good enough to make me switch out my mocha, though.

We headed across town to go wander around Downtown Disney. She had been a few weeks earlier and wanted to show me some of the cool things she’d found. She’s been in love with Mickey since she was one year old and the feelings have not changed. The only thing that has is the dollar amount of the Mickey’s she likes. She took me to the art gallery where there were on display magnificent paintings! She showed me the ones she liked the most and her favorite one of the Fantasia Mickey. We wandered through looking at everthing, dreaming of what we’d buy first once that lotto money comes in the mail.

Next to the art galley was a shop boasting scrapbooking. I was excited to go in and see what they had to offer and was quite disappointed with what I found! The majority of the store was filled with frames and albums with just a tiny section of actual ‘scrapbook’ stuff. There were really nice packs of paper and albums dedicated to a vacation trip to all the different parks and I would certainly pick some up if we were going into the park, but things for general scrappin’ were in short supply. There was a neat pair of scissors that cut the Mickey ears. That was kind of cool.

We spent a lot of time in the big Disney Emporium where Dayna showed me the dishes she’d found. There’s everything imaginable in this store. We had fun poking around. With not much money to spend we didn’t have much else to do but window shop, but had a good time doing that. If it was available we could have spent a bundle!

Downtown Disney

We wandered around until we started getting hungry for lunch, then headed down the road to Sweet Tomatos, a nice place with a huge salad bar, soups and pasta. We had an enjoyable lunch with only a few minor irritations from the herd of hungry people that swarmed the soup bar making it quite impossible to view the repast before making a choice.

We had to run back to the outlets to exchange something we bought the day before and found out it was too small and then wandered around in some more shops for a while, hitting all of Dayna’s favorite clothes stores.

With my feet feeling like they’d just about had it, we went from the outlets back across town toward Dayna’s place, stopping to return the movie we rented and picked up another one. I’ll be darned if I can remember the names of the two movies. The first was the one about the haunted hotel room that just came out and the other one was…hell, I don’t remember. I guess they weren’t as good as I thought they would be!

Back at her place we watched that ever memorable movie and finished off the turtle pie. It didn’t take long after the movie ended to pack up my stuff. I was heading home. I figured on leaving around eight o’clock and didn’t miss the mark by too much. I wish I could have stayed longer, but she had to work Thursday and Bill was missing work time going in late after taking Mary to school and having to leave early to pick her up.

We had our goodbye hugs and kisses. My heart was heavy as I pulled out of the apartment complex, the feeling from the night before when Dayna was so unhappy about living here in Florida still flashing in my mind. I kept the hope that it was a rant from her stressful days and not something that would linger for long, ruining her vision of her future. I guess only time will tell. She’s not quick to talk about those things and prodding her about it would only have her bury it deeper. She comes to it in her own time.

I stopped for a soda on the way out, opting not to fill up, hoping to get a lower price per gallon down the road. Besides, I didn’t like the looks of the people around the gas pumps at that particular gas station. So I headed toward the highway, threw my quarter in the toll basket and got to the turnpike in just a few minutes, surely  I will  be home shortly after ten.


Not five miles into my trip and traffic comes to a complete stop. There had been warning on the sign over the turnpike that there was an accident ahead with a lane closed about 6 miles ahead. I had no idea what had happened, but it kept us crawling along painfully slow with long periods of sitting completely stopped for over an hour and a half. It took 90 minutes to go four miles. When we finally came upon the scene of the accident it was evident that it was a bad one. One semi was overturned on the opposite side of the turnpike and on fire, black smoke billowing from it. It was badly burned as if it had been on fire for some time. There were several semi’s with cranes, presumably to right the trucks that were turned over. I learned later on that a truck had blown through the metal railing in the median and hit another semi right in the fuel tanks causing it to explode. I don’t know how many other vehicles were involved.

The road opened up after that and the rest of the drive home was uneventful except for some rain. But I made it home safe and sound around midnight. The house was quiet, Bill and Mary asleep, but Oreo was happy to see me.


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