Posted by: Deanna | October 16, 2007

Costume Shopping

Although we won’t be going door to door, they’ll be having a costume parade at school, so yesterday we went in search of a Halloween costume for Mary. As always she had her mind made up to be a princess. She’s always loved the princesses and all the added accoutrements. She was bent on finding a costume that would accentuate the tiara she’d found already.

We scoured the available costumes here in town (WalMart) and there were none to be found that would fit the princess-to-be. She’s out of the little girl sizes, but not quite in adult sizes. The adult costumes are generally too revealing for a little girl of 10, anyway.

So yesterday we were off to Gainesville after school to see what we could find in the next biggest town closest to us. We hit Target first, but as we found at WalMart, the costumes were too small or too big. Not giving up, though, we headed to the next shopping center down the road where there was a Factory Card Outlet. We had one in Indianapolis when we lived there and I seemed to recall that they had costumes also. Although the selection was small for her particular choices, we did find a couple to choose from that was to her liking.

The girl that helped us was very sweet. She let us take them into the restroom to try them on. The first one was a Cleopatra dress. Gold, glittery and shiney. It was cool. A tiny bit long, but fixable. The second was a butterfly princess; long white gown, blue accents and wings. Too cute! Mary chose the second and as soon as we left the restroom she was off to find a tiara. She’d spotted one she just (thought) she had to have, but it was ten bucks! Nixxed that idea.

On the drive home, toward the beginning of our 40 mile trek home, Mary staring wistfully out the window, I assume she’s dreaming of dressing up. She turns to me and says,

“I should have got the other one!”

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