Posted by: Deanna | October 25, 2007

We Scrapped Saturday!

I forgot to blog about are day Saturday! Our favorite scrapbook store moved to a bigger location and it’s just too cool! She had tons of stuff squished in a little shop before. It was nice and cozy, but cramped. Now it’s big and airy, nice big area for tables in the back. We made use of them Saturday for her first all day crop in the new digs.

Mary and I gathered up our projects and headed over there around ten. She was so excited about going! I had asked if it was okay if Mary came along to scrap. A lot of stores don’t allow children even if they’re scrappin’.

Mary did quite a few pages and everyone ooo’d and ahhh’d over them. She was pleased as punch! I did quite a bit, too, but it’s a gift…so no details here.

Here’s the pix we got from the day!That’s Gail with Mary; she’s the owner of the shop.




  1. How fun! I’m a scrapper too!

  2. Hey, I think we scrapped on the same Saturday. I had a great ole time. I even got a Bear Story out of it. LOL.

    I got 12 pages done in a scrapbook I have been working on for some friends. It’s their wedding photos. I was hoping to be finished. But I am much closer. The will be married 8 yrs this next month. She thinks it will be cool to have done by thier 10th. A running joke with us. Since I have had it for a few years already.

    Talk to ya soon,


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