Posted by: Deanna | November 3, 2007

Fun Stuff for Blog Readin’

I’ve added a few new links over in my blogroll for you blog surfers! I went through the gazillion bookmarks I had and picked a few to add here.

The newest one, soon to be a favorite for my crafty self, it Outlaw Paper Artists. Check it out! Looks like it will be fun and inspirational!!

As for me, I’m off to CA for a while. Mom had a car accident (thank you ‘red-light running driver!) and I’m going out to give them a hand for a while.


  1. Hope your timein CA goes well and that you are home soon. I enjoyed your “Thank You” story…hits close to home for me because I lost a baby with an ectopic pregnancy. So wonderful that you had someone to be with you and help you.

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