Posted by: Deanna | December 6, 2007


Well, almost. No, not THAT kind of lit! (Sheez) The Christmas tree!

I have Christmas music blaring on the stereo, you know, the classics…Garth Brooks, Collin Ray and Kenny Chesney… The tree is standing proudly and plump in the middle of the living room, lights trailing off the sides. Progress!

Mary was so excited to see me drag in the box that holds the artificial evergreen that gets erected every December! Much to her dismay, however, I did not get the lights on it last night so she could begin hanging ornaments. I promised her I’d have it ready for her today when she got out of school.

Oreo came running out of the bedroom when he heard the rustling of those branches. He came to lend his support and to show me all of the spots on the tree that was missing a light. At least, I presume that was his intention as he batted at the empty branches from underneath the tree.

I think I may need to re-do our normal decorations. I’ve been liking the ‘theme’ trees lately. Does NERF make Christmas ornaments? I have a feeling this may be the way to go with little Oreo (aka: Crazy Cat) in the house this year.

He has found a place to sleep, though.


I think he likens himself to the Village Monster.


So far he’s only terrorized the little figurines. No homes have gone crashing to the floor from his village wanderings.

I’m sure Boris will take up his usual spot under the Christmas tree as soon as the skirt is layed out. It’s crocheted and he loves it. Hopefully, there won’t be a battle of the cats for domain under there. It’s going to be an interesting holiday!

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