Posted by: Deanna | December 8, 2007

Oh Look!

While waiting for my sinus headache to subside this morning and playing around on the computer (no, this does not help my headache) I went in search of a template I saw in a Creating Keepsakes magazine. I found it on the Paper Wishes site and found it wasn’t what I thought it was, still interesting, but not what I thought.

But while there I found they, too, have jumped on the digital scrapbooking wagon. So I took a look-see and here’s what I did…pw-thanksgiving-page.jpgYou can click on the image to see it larger.

pw-thanksgiving-page.jpgIt’s a little blurry, but I think the resolution is set only for viewing and sharing online. You can order a print or pay to print it at home, all very reasonable priced, I think. But it’s great for blogging!

I couldn’t edit the ‘Little Princess’ ribbon to make it plural, but, oh well, it’ll do.

You can find the site here if you want to play! There are tons of different layouts in dozens of categories! Take a look!



  1. hi..i wanted to learn about scrapbooking and found your site.nice pages

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