Posted by: Deanna | December 22, 2007

Under the Tree


Oreo has decided that Boris is correct; the best place to sleep this time of year is on the crocheted tree skirt under the Christmas tree! This has been Boris’ favorite spot for years and I wondered if he was going to willingly let Oreo join him. He did. He’s a lover, not a fighter.

I imagined a bare tree this year with Oreo’s reputation as of late of being quite the circus cat, but he’s been a good, ornery kitty and hasn’t dismantled the tree much at all. I was also afraid of him having a joyous time unwrapping the packages that Mary has put under the tree. So many ribbons and bows to send a crazy cat into a frenzy, but he has refrained.

He has, however, been taking his aggressions out on the back of the couch. Despite the hollering at him and the threats of removing his claws with a pair of pliers he continues to shred a spot on the back of the couch. He has wisened up a bit by doing it when we’re not home. I’m sure he’s tired of me chasing him around with the fly swatter yelling threats and telling him what a bad cat he is!

We have colds running through our house! Ick! Mary was miserable Thursday night, but I rushed her off to school yesterday with instructions to just do her best. Yesterday was the 4th grade Christmas party and we were going to head over to the school just before eleven with our contributions to the buffet.

I had run into Mary’s teacher Wednesday night at the Movie Gallery in town and while we chatted I let her know that Mary was not feeling well, but would be to school in the morning. When we got to school, the teacher let me know that it was clear Mary still didn’t feel good. She told us we could take her home after our lunch. They weren’t planning on much of anything afterward, anyway.

Mary was happy to see us. We had lunch together and then gathered up her things and headed home where we all had a nap.


  1. Behavior aside, that is a really cute photo.
    Happy holidays!

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