Posted by: Deanna | December 24, 2007

Christmas Cards

Bill likes to get the mail. I think it’s a throw back of the time he served in the Air Force and looking forward to notes from home. Whatever it is, he gets the mail. I hope he isn’t the kind of post box lurker who grabs the mail one by one out of the box, examining each one intently while cars line up behind him to get their own mail. But I don’t know. He gets the mail.

This year the Christmas cards are few, but the ones we have received are cute and much appreciated. They gather on our table for all who enter to see (which means Mary and I).

I found this on the table the other day and it just made me smile!doggy-xmas.jpg

I opened it up to see who had such a cutesy sense of humor and found it signed by ‘Lorraine’.


Who’s Lorraine?

There was no envelope.

Who’s Lorraine?

Is my dear sweet Bill having an illicit affair I don’t know about? And why Lorraine?

I try to imagine the sneaking around; the late nights; the mysterious phone calls.

Doesn’t go far.

Bill don’t sneak.

His breathing machine is whining away gleefully every night around 10.

And his phone is usually off. I know this, cuz when I try to call him, he don’t answer.

Ahhh, maybe I’m hopelessly clueless. But I don’t think anything is going on.

But who is Lorraine?

(p.s. this is all in fun. I don’t suspect Bill of any dasterdly deeds. Or maybe that’s the way he wants it? Maybe he’s trying to keep me from suspecting anything? Hmmmm….. )



  1. Hey, Bill! I know you read the blog! Who’s Lorraine? Huh? Huh?

  2. I have no clue who Lorraine is but I sure hope you all had a great Christmas!

  3. Gosh I know a Lorriane but it would be a long distance thing.


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