Posted by: Deanna | December 27, 2007

Dueling Cuisinarts


While in California I got to learn a lot of yummy dishes from Mom. I listened while mom instructed me on her recipes. It was cool! One thing, though, is that I’d forgotten how much better vegetables are out there. Ours are just pitiful. And onions! Wow! The onions Mom had were good and juicy! I was blubbering all over the place everytime I chopped those babies! After a few bouts of tears, though, we had a brilliant idea! Mom told me about the little mini-chopper she has! What a wonder! I popped the onions in that baby and it zipped away. I no longer had to drip tears onto the cutting board, or chop with the onions with my eyes closed, risking losing a finger…or two, or three…

So when I got home I mentioned this little chopper to Bill. We used to have one, but it wasn’t used much. I never did, anyway. It was finally purged from our ‘things taking up space and not being used’ category somewhere along the line.

Well, I put it on my list of ideas for Christmas for the hubby and the girls.

Bill and Mary bought me one.

Dayna bought Bill one.

Dueling Cuisinarts!

Now we have to decide if we’re keeping both or returning one. No real reason to keep both, though.

We had a nice visit with Dayna at her place Christmas Day! I think this picture pretty much sums up all the soft, fuzzy feelings the dear sisters have for each other…


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