Posted by: Deanna | January 2, 2008

WW & MM’s



**I’ve had a lot of people ask where this was! It’s an M & M store in a mall in Orlando, Florida. Sorry, don’t know the name of the mall. Thanks for all the comments!


  1. Wow is right!! My kids and husband would be in heaven there!

  2. That is amazing. I would love to visit that place.

  3. All those bright colors!! I would love to go there. 🙂

  4. Beautiful colors! Where is that? Thanks for your visit and your comments.

  5. Wow! what a great place.
    Happy new Year

  6. Very colorful.
    Happy New Year

  7. That looks fun! I want to go there! Yummy! Happy WW!

  8. WOW a Chocolate heaven! Wishing you the best this New year! 🙂
    Mine is here

  9. ohmygosh that looks delicious!
    Happy Wednesday..:)

  10. Ok, I don’t usually like M&M’s but even I’ll admit that looks wonderful!

  11. I MUST show this picture to my brother. He will drool all over his keyboard… 🙂

    Happy WW!

    My WW post is here.

  12. Yummy!!

  13. where in heaven is that? looks delightful!

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