Posted by: Deanna | January 6, 2008

Off to Build-a-Bear!

Our day out shopping Friday was fun! Mary had a blast! Armed with $50 to spend at Build-a-Bear we set out to see what could be had.We almost didn’t go, because she’d misplaced (again) her purse that held the gift cards. Luckily, just before I was ready to tell her there was no need to go, she found it lodged between her bed and the wall.

We got down to Gainesville just before the mall opened. We wandered through the mall to Build-a-Bear where Mary’s eyes started to sparkle as she browsed all the clothes and accessories that were just waiting to be bought!

Her aunt had given her enough money to buy another friend for her pink poodle, Lucy, but as we entered the store, Mary advised me that she was just going to buy clothes. This determination didn’t last long once she spotted that pink, leopard print kitty she knew she just had to have!

After browsing and pondering, browsing some more, and adding numbers in her head over and over she finally decided on two outfits for the kitty. They’re really cute! (We plan a photo shoot later so all may see her purchases.) She was a bit forlorn about not being able to get a cute pair of shoes for her new friend, but Mom kicked in twelve dollars to cover the shoes and that dreaded sales tax.

That ‘little girl’ smile popped onto Mary’s face and she beamed! “Thanks Mom!”

From there we headed down to Starbucks for a java treat. She sat at a table dressing her new friend while I ordered us a coffee. I had a white mocha, Mary had a carmel frappacchino (no coffee, please.)

While we sat sipping and admiring the new kitty we dialed up Dad on the old cell phone so she could fill him in on the new addition to the family! He gave her a hard time about having Starbucks without him and I listened to her try to comfort him by saying we would stop and get him one when he got off of work later in the afternoon.

After wandering around the mall for a while, toting the Build-a-Bear box, new kitty and Starbucks cups, we set out looking for a pair of jeans for Mary. We have been lucky at JCPenny lately, finding pants that actually fit. No such luck today, though. She tried on a few, then, discouraged, didn’t want to trudge back through the racks with yet another pair to try on that just wouldn’t do. Okay with me! I hate doing that stuff!

We left the mall and headed to Michael’s where we lurked around the scrapbook stuff for a while, resisting buying stuff just for the sake of buying it. Mary did find a really cool album that will be perfect for her sister! I did pick that up, beaming in the glow of that 30% off sign shining at me from the shelf! I’m working on birthday pages for the girls and will fill this really cool album with Dayna’s birthdays past.

All in all, it was a pretty good trip! We had no trouble on the interstate, even though there was a lot of traffic. No semi’s tried to run us off the road, no crazy drivers running up our tail pipes. Made it home safe and sound.

Today we’ll take some pictures of the newest addition! Need to show Aunty, who lives far away, what treasures were found at the mall!


  1. LOL! I’m glad Mary had so much fun shopping! I kinda figured the pink leopard would grab her attention!!! Guess this means Lucy still needs wedding clothes, eh?

    Can’t wait to see pictures!!!

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