Posted by: Deanna | January 15, 2008

A New Man In Her Life?


So, we all know that Mary has been an Elvis fan for a while. It’s so cute! She knows all the words to all the songs on her CD. She can probably recite the lines from the movies she has of his. We’ve grown used to hearing her belting out Blue Suede Shoes in the morning as she dresses for school.

 She is a faithful Elvis fan.

Or is she?

He may be getting edged out of her number one position!

There is a new face on the horizon! (and all over her bedroom walls)

And his name is Zac.


Mary is in love with Zac. Along with her friend, Chrissy.

High School Musical…


Purse, game, posters, necklace, notebooks, stickers…. oh my!

Saturday I spent a couple of hours witnessing just how CRAZY they are over Zac. Chrissy brought over the DVD Hairspray starring Zac and John Travolta as his Mother (!). lol I just had to see how this was. It could be good. After all, Patrick Swayze dressed up nice in Too Wong Fu, Thankyou Julie Newmar! So, let’s see how John looks in a dress!


The highlight of the movie, however, was not on the television. It was watching Chrissy scream into a pillow everytime Zac appeared on screen and watching Mary look at her with such an astounding look of curiosity every time she screamed into the pillow! (Mary’s a bit more subtle in her star worship, thank God)

At least, for the time being, the boy-crazy stuff is limited to visions of movie stars and not focused on ‘real’ boys. They’re still in that ‘boys are stupid’ stage. (Thank God!) The only man in Mary’s life is still Daddy.

Hope that lasts a while.


  1. I remember looking up to Elvis as a kid. We just watched Hairspray and that Zac is one cute lil’boy, I can see how young girls could like him.

  2. Oh too funny! I just watched Hairspray with Kaite last night. She is passed the High School Musical Stage. And while she thinks Zac is good looking she was drooling over James Marsden. Who happens to be in the Movie 27 dresses that we plan to see tomorrow. Oh am I glad Katie is not a scream in the pillow type of girl!

    All I can say is Mary you do have good taste!

    Love Ya,

    Aunt Sherri

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