Posted by: Deanna | February 9, 2008

Junk sold…Check!

The yard sale we threw together went rather well yesterday! I can’t believe how much stuff we sold. I don’t know if I have enough yard sale fodder to even pull the garage door up this morning.  People were there around 7 a.m. when the ad in the paper stated we’d open at 8. Oh well. They didn’t mind milling about until we were kind of ready.They’re building two new houses, one next to me and one directly across from me. Yesterday the painters were there. One young man was just so adorable! He meandered across the street the first time after eyeing the tubs of toys in the driveway. He picked out a few things and went off to paint more. Later, he came over again after seeing Bill bring out the little patio fireplace from around back. He said he could just see a little fire in there and him and his kids roasting marshmellows together. He had to have it. And he could play with fire.

He found a clock that fits nicely in any little girl’s room and wanted to know how much it was. I told him,

“Twenty five cents”

“You’re kidding me, right?’ he asked


He pulls money out of his pocket and hands me a dollar, “Here, I’ll give you a dollar.”

“You’re doin’ this thing all wrong! You’re supposed to talk me DOWN, not UP!”

He just laughed and told me he felt like he was cheating me. I gave him a little girls coat so he’d feel better.

Later he bought a recliner we had out there and a wagon that needed it’s wheel fixed. I think he spent his days wages in my driveway today, but he was happy.

Mary made out, too! She had quite a pile of things to sell and with her profits she added to her Barbie Empire. She was just too funny.

So I have to decide whether or not to pull up the garage door in a little while. Right now I’m off to grab a cup of coffee and wish I was still sleeping!



  1. Congrats on a productive day! Sounds like you ended up selling most of it to your neighbor LOL

  2. I should have come to your garage sale….

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