Posted by: Deanna | February 12, 2008

Wandering and Pondering

Yesterday we did not accomplish too much. We loaded up the Explorer with all the things that didn’t get sold at the yard sale and delivered them to a couple charitable organizations in town. We drove down to Home Depot to pick up a couple of moving boxes and wandered around in there for a little while. Bill oogled the huge barbecues and remarked that he was glad he hadn’t bought a new lawn mower yet.

From there we headed to WalMart. Ick. Bill suggested going before the gates of ignorance were let loose, hoping the stroll through the madness would be less painful.We wandered up and down the aisles picking up this and that trying to think of easy meals to make for the days ahead. Planning meals has just not been on the top of my list lately. We made it through unscathed and headed home.

We planned on meeting Mary for lunch in her favorite week day cafe, the school lunchroom. On Mondays she begs for her dad to come and have lunch with her and to bring something delicious with him to save her from the normal slop of the cafeteria. So off he went around noonish to pick up lunch for her.

I napped.

I haven’t been sleeping well. I keep having stupid dreams. I don’t remember them, but wake up irritated because they’re stupid! They’re not even fun dreams! Sheeezzz!

We headed to Gainesville when Mary got home from school in search of some clothes for her to wear. We are planning a shopping expedition once we get to Savannah, also, but she is in dire need of clothing and thought we’d give it one more go in the town south of us.

We were lucky! Found jeans at Penny’s that fit after a couple of misses. Mary was happy! I was happy! Bill milled about the girls clothes trying not to look to bored. Mary and I were in and out of the dressing room causing the annoying door bell to ‘bong’ every couple of minutes. I swear the thing was loud enough to be heard a mile or two away!

Have you ever noticed, though, that there is that one oblivious person who stands in the doorway causing the door bell to bong continuously, casually carrying on a conversation with someone but doesn’t hear the annoying continuous door bell? Get out, already!


From there we wandered the mall for a while. Hit all Mary’s favorites; Claire’s, Build-a-Bear (well, we kind of skirted that one, but we heard two or three minutes of dismay from Mary about it), the Limited, too. Bill started going into ‘girly shopping’ overload and began with the stupid jokes by the time we got to Claire’s. We had to get him out of there in a hurry. He was okay. No medics were needed.

We ate dinner at Cici’s Pizza and observed the various going’s on around there. It’s a fun place to eat. Lots of pizza. And Cheap! Let’s not forget that. Really cheap.

We headed back to Lake City and got home around sevenish. Mary was thrilled with her new clothes and was off choosing what to wear and when.

Today I need to get something done around here.

Packing tape here I come!



  1. I know you are moving. I am envious…I love Savannah. I need to get there before we move.

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