Posted by: Deanna | February 24, 2008

Road Trip * Part One

Saturday evening, Dayna calls. She’s stressed, she’s bummin’, she doesn’t know what to do. We talk for a while and I suggest she come up to LC and hang out with mom. She doesn’t want to drive her car that far. She’s sure it’s going to break down any minute now.
“I’ll come down and pick you up!”
“No, mom, you don’t have the money to waste on gas.” she says.
“Sure I do!”
I know she’s stressing about her job and the fact that she wants to move to Los Angeles in the summer.
“Come on,” I tell her. “Throw a few things in a bag and I’ll be there by eleven (p.m., by the way)” sounding as chipper as I can. This is probably very annoying, but I do it anyway.
“Call me in an hour.” she tells me. “And from Home! Don’t be on the road already! I don’t know if I want to go.”
We hang up and I tell Bill what’s going on. Mostly the stuff he couldn’t figure out from my side of the conversation. He doesn’t have a problem with me going down to get her. He’d like to see her before we move to Savannah.
I call her back and tell her I’m on my way. She sounds really sad, but I know that she’s glad I’m coming down. Even a 20 year old needs her mom sometimes! I throw some new CD’s into the Explorer and head to Orlando!
Mary wanted to go, but I told her to let me have some mom time with her big sister, then on Sunday the three of us girls would head up to Savannah together. Our own little getaway. She didn’t want to accept this arrangement, but she did, and went back to her room to comfort herself with High School Musical songs on the CD player and Barbie’s waiting to be dressed and arranged in the Barbie Empire.
With music blaring and the window down, I drive the hundred miles or so to my daughter’s apartment. It was an easy drive, little traffic, not too many idiot driver’s and the weather was good. She gathered a few things, because of course, she didn’t have enough time in the 2 hours it took me to get there to do that, and we were off headed back up the turnpike to Lake City.
To be continued….


  1. Hey your in Florida too!! Hope she is feeling better now that you are together.

    Thanks for visiting my new blog earlier. See you on cafemom

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