Posted by: Deanna | February 25, 2008

Road Trip *Part Two

We got back to Lake City around 2 a.m. and sat around and chatted for a bit before I bundled the kid up with five or six blankets and sent her to bed. She’s the coldest kid around and Mary’s room gets NO heat! The combination generally means I have to dig every extra blanket and comforter out of the closet so Dayna and be warm enough to sleep.Sunday morning, bright and early, Bill was going to the Daytona 500 with a group of guys from work. So he was up and out the door before the sun! Dayna had set her alarm for eight, but I had no real expectations of her actually getting up. I finally got her semi-concious around nine thirty and we hit the road in about an hour.Savannah here we come!Mary was set. She had her Nintendo DS, her portable movie player, movies and music and headphones. We weren’t going to hear a peep out of her! It’s only a couple hundred miles to Savannah, and even with all the modern conveniences, Mary was bored.
Not much to see along this stretch of Interstate. Oh well.

Dayna was bored, too, since the lull in our otherwise stimulating conversation, so I let her drive.

Yup, she’s on the phone and her eyes are closed! (Just kidding…got her blinking! ) And yes, she’s talking to the boyfriend.

We got to Savannah without incident! All that construction along I-95 didn’t slow us down a bit!  We headed to the exit where our apartment is and surprised Linda, the sales coordinator, when we walked in.“I thought you weren’t coming until the end of the month?!”

” We aren’t! But Dayna was bummed so we blew up here on a whim!” I told her.

I think Linda is beginning to see how weird I am.She took us all around the place, showing Dayna all the amenities. Mary was thrilled to show her the pool and Dayna thought it was just too cool to have a tanning bed there for you at your beckon call!

We went over to our apartment and got to take a look inside, even though the construction people hadn’t released the keys yet. They still have a few things to finish in there. Dayna is my inspector. She looks over everything and will generally find something wrong!

“It’s really cute, Mom! But the rooms are kind of small, doncha think?”

“And I don’t like the cupboards, but the handles are cool.”

Yup that’s my girl!

We chatted with Linda a bit and then headed out. We drove over the Interstate to check out the hotel we would be staying at when we drive up on the 29th. It’s right across from the last hotel we stayed at when we drove up for Bill’s job interview. We had to find out one major detail about the hotel, though.

Does it have an indoor pool?

The other hotel’s web page stated having one and it didn’t. Of course, I’d left that information hunting expedition to my husband and he may have blown it there, cuz there certainly was no indoor pool at the last hotel.They have one at this one though! Well, it’s kind of a pool. It’s kind of small. But it is indoors and enough water for Mary to play in! No diving though. You’d hit the other side. Good thing she doesn’t dive.

So that killed another five minutes and we were off again, navigating between the two vans filled with senior citizens trying to figure out where to park. Gotta love ’em.  They’re hollering and pointing out the windows trying to communicate with each other while taking up the entire driveway area of the hotel. We just stopped, relaxed and watched the show. Too funny.


From the back seat Mary moans, “Are we going home now?”

I said, “No, we’re going to go drive around downtown and then go over to where the malls are.”

“Oh good!” she said, thoroughly relieved. “I thought we were just going to drive all the way home and I was going to be upset!”

Well, thanks for the warning, kid.

(to be continued…husband wants the computer. Guess I’ll let him have it for a while.)

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