Posted by: Deanna | March 7, 2008

Bye Bye Lake City! (and blog name contest)

Here I am in our new town in our new state and new internet service!

We made it safe and sound to our new home in Georgia and we’re still surrounded with stacks of boxes waiting to unpack. The movers came, packed us up and hauled all our junk belongings up the highway, then happily unloaded all the boxes in our new place!

The cats are doing well. Oreo really enjoyed the hotel room and explored every inch he could get to, both high and low! Boris just took it in stride as soon as I laid out a familiar soft blanket on the couch for him to sleep on.

Bill’s first few days at his new job have gone well. He’s come home with  a lot to tell us about his day! He’ll be in training for a while.

Mary’s both excited and apprehensive about starting her new school. We are off today to shop for school uniforms for her to wear. I’m hoping I can find someone to alter them, also, since I’m fairly certain the pants will be too long.

We’re also on the hunt for a new computer table. The one we have is too big to fit in the tiny space we have left in the living room for the computer. As I type this, I am sitting on a little wooden stool with my knees pressed up against the legs of the end table the monitor and keyboard are on! Not too comfy! It may cut down on my computer time, though.

For the rest of the week I need to be thinking of a new name for my Blog! I am no longer Lost In Lake City! I need a cool name, though, so I’m going to enlist your help! If you know me, have read my Blog on occasion or just would like to submit a name for consideration, please comment below! I will have a cool, but modest gift for the winner of the best name for the blog!

So pass this around and get me some input, will ya?




  1. I am so glad you arrived safe and sound and that everyone is settling in.

  2. Hey Dianna, How about the “New Belle of Savannah”

    I didn’t realize that you were so busy blogging on other sites! Nice page!

  3. You are in Pooler right!!?? You could have something that goes with that..let me see…Deanna in the Deep South….New Southern Belle…Oh I dont know. I am still here in Illinois in the cold for one more day then off to the South again. We will drive all day tomorrow and then stay the night and back on the road Sunday. We should get together. I work in the Savannah Mall at Curves. You will be able to find it when you get around later. I work from 3-7 PM. Stop by someday. Sandy

    I will be the OLD LADY behind the desk

  4. Well, if you were Lost in Lake City, I guess now you’ve Gone to Georgia. I know . . . kind of weak. I’ll be back if something good pops up. 😀 Well, I’ll be back anyway, cause I’m enjoying checking out your blog.

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