Posted by: Deanna | March 9, 2008

This and That

Aside from that being the name of two cats my mother had when she was young (the title of the post), that’s probably what this post will amount to.

I was awakened a short time ago by Oreo (aka: circus cat) as he flung himself through the vertical blinds that hang on the huge sliding door in the apartment. Obviously, to a cat, they make a really cool noise! I didn’t think so from my spot on the couch where I’d fallen asleep last night, book in hand, reading glasses perched precariously upon my face. I hollered at him and he gave me that sarcastic kitty look,

“Hey! It’s not that early! You changed the clocks last night! It’s really 7:30!”

I was not convinced. I still hollered at him.

He thinks he’s so cute.


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