Posted by: Deanna | March 11, 2008

A Successful Day…

Mary’s first day of school was great! I made sure to get to the school this afternoon early, early to pick her up so she wouldn’t wonder if I forgot about her. I grabbed my book and sat and waited, anxious for the verdict on her first day of school.

When she got in the car I asked how it went and she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Okay.” I prodded with a couple of questions and soon the dam broke and she chattered away! The kids, the girls, more boys that girls, “Just like Summer’s!”, recess (“They actually have recess every day before lunch!”) and lunch, which was the longest description of all. I heard in great detail how the milk was good, “But they don’t have chocolate or strawberry, just white.” , the sandwich was ‘gross! I tried to eat it mom, but I just kind of nibbled at it.” The peas (Mary’s favorite… usually.) ‘were disgusting!!! They were hard!” and she went on about how the cafeteria was set up, where the silverware was, and about the advice from another student, “You don’t want to make the cafeteria ladies mad!”

We headed over to the Post Office to drop a couple letters in the box, then we were off to pick Bill up from work. He and Mary get ‘out’ at the same time, so he has to wait a bit.

He was standing on the sidewalk as we pulled up.

After getting in, he asked Mary about her day and I heard a replay, with very slight variations.

Then Bill started to tell me about his day.

First it was all about the donuts someone brought in, “The filling was frosting! Not cream!” and then went on to tell me about all the other donuts that were in the box, how long they lasted, how many he had and where the donut shop was located in conjuction to the drive to work.

I wonder what will be for lunch tomorrow!

“And you know that lunch menu online, Mom? They didn’t have anything even close to what it said!”

Hmm…. go figure….


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