Posted by: Deanna | March 16, 2008

Who Turned Out the Lights?

I was on the phone with my daughter last night when she heard the Emergency Broadcast System come over our TV. We talked about how nice it was that we have ‘real’ news and services here that were lacking in the small town we moved from.

The EBS was warning of tornadoes in areas north-west of us. Dayna was telling me to grab a mattress and jump in the bathtub, but I assured her the warnings were not for our county. Besides, the tornado siren wasn’t going off and I heard it last week  when there was severe weather!

When I hung up the phone I went back to watching a movie with Bill while Mary played in her room. We’d checked the local weather and found that the severe weather was north of us.

A few minutes later the lights just went out. Completely. Inside. Outside.

The emergency lights fired up in the hallways of the apartments outside. Thank you!

This place is DARK when the electricity is out! In the short time we’ve been here I’ve gotten used to the outside lights around the parking lot and the buildings.

Mary was in her room watching a movie when the power went out. I called to her because I knew she’d be freaked out a bit. We told her to carefully find her way out to the livingroom where we were. No easy task with a maze of boxes still in her room and new stacks of them decorating the living room and dining room. 

We heard her coming through the bathroom, then ‘Wham!’ she hit something. Knew it. She caught her toe on the bottom of the door. She’d had the ‘clutzies’ all evening and this was not going to help her attitude AT ALL!

Bill remembered that his flashlight was on the dresser, so he found his way in there and was able to get his hands on it with no major injuries to his feet due to the pile of boxes that are now in that tiny area between the dining room and our bedroom door.



The three of us sat in the livingroom with the glare of the flashlight pondering what we were to do. Mary thought we should light all the candles that I’d recently unpacked and were now littering the top of the diningroom table. I wondered if the gates to the complex were now permanently closed, not allowing cars to go in or out. Bill thought it was a perfect time to go to bed. He’d forgotten, though, that without power his sleep apnia machine wouldn’t work. Oops!

He and Mary finally went to bed and I sat on the couch in the dark with the sliding door open to the patio watching the weather. There were some lightening flashes in the sky to the north of us, but it wasn’t raining. The wind was just blowing. Hard.

The wind was blowing all the doors closed in the building across from us that is still under construction. It was one big SLAM after another. Kind of creepy, actually.

I finally dozed off only to be awakened by the tornado siren going off! It was loud! I shined my flashlight on the ever faithful, battery operated clock on the wall and saw it was only half past midnight.

Now what?

It wasn’t raining, the wind wasn’t as strong, the power was still out and I was kicking myself for not purchasing that battery powered weather radio I glanced at the other day.

I sat and contemplated my options. The sky was still overcast. The siren wailing. No rain. No lightening at the moment.  The wind had died down. Either the siren was a precaution or a warning for severe weather, or we were in the eye of the tornado and all heck would break loose momentarily.

The siren slowly died down and all was quiet. Including Bill, who hadn’t woken to any of this.

I decided the best course of action was to just go back to sleep. If I could.

I did.

Woke up to a sudden brightness.

Am I dead? Did that tornado hit? Is that the ‘light’?

Nope. Power came on. Lights came on, inside and out. Mary’s tv was on in her room blasting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. LED lights flashing throughout the kitchen reminding me that I have to reset all those blasted clocks!

So, I’m up.

Made some coffee, powered up the old computer and flipped on the weather channel.


  1. We were watching a movie Saturday night with our granddaughter. Decided that we had better get to bed because we had to take her to the airport Sunday morning very very early. Lights went out!! We had our alarm set but it went out…so Brie set her cell phone alarm for 5:30. We just knew that the lights would be on in the morning when we woke up.. You know I only heard some thunder. We cannot hear the sirens here where we live in Georgetown. I guess they just want us to die on this side of the complex. Got up to still no lights…trying to light candles and get her all ready to leave. Some fun!! Welcome to Savannah..Sandy

  2. I love your account of the storm. You crack me up! We started hearing about the bad weather. I told Katie if you hear about Savanah give me a holler. I was working on my puzzle. We checked several times over the course of the weekend. The nice little map area showed you well out of range. Well after I remembered is was Savannah & not Atlanta that you moved to. LOL.

    Too funny that you move & the first thing we hear is Georgia all over our news way out here in California.

    Glad everyone made it through the storm. Guess you won’t be relying on Bill to wake you in case of a tornadoe! Have you bought that radio you were looking at?



  3. I think I would die if I ever heard a tornado siren. Oh you are a brave woman through that! So glad it was nothing.

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