Posted by: Deanna | March 25, 2008

A Very Pink Basket


We all know the reason for celebrating Easter, but Mary is still enthralled with the hunt for eggs and an Easter basket full of goodies.

This holiday was no different.

Except the ‘bunny’ had to hide the eggs around our new apartment that is still scattered with boxes, knick-knacks that have no home, clutter of the every day kind that accumulates without any remorse and a little black cat who finds delight in all such clutter.

She awoke early, of course, eager for the hunt.

Oreo had started without her.

He was rolling an egg around that he’d sniffed out by the computer desk. It was making a strange rattling noise that drew Mary’s attention and when she investigated found the sparkling pink egg the kitty was batting at.

She found her basket slyly hiding in the bathtub.  She had been searching for the last, lonely egg she had yet to find and flung open the shower curtain to reveal a tall, cellophane wrapped basket full of pink!

She had noticed this basket at Sam’s Club when we were there last week. It is full of girly things that shimmer and sparkle. If she recalled seeing this before she made no mention of it any time during the ‘tearing into’ stage.

Oreo was very interested! He loves to sit in baskets, but he absolutely goes nuts over plastic of any kind as long as it makes a cool crinkly sound when he jumps in it.

You can see in the picture that he is trying to give Mary a hand, or a paw, maybe a couple chomps and pulls with his teeth; anything to be able to jump into that crinkly, oh, so wonderful cellophane!

Much to his dismay, however, the paper was quickly removed to the trash can where he has yet to figure out exactly how to push that button to make the lid pop up! I know he works on this when we’re not home, leaving the trash can pushed askew from the wall where it lives.

Mary gleefully removed and admired all the lovely, sparkling pink things from her basket; the cell phone holder that will be perfect for her little High School Musical MP3 player; the belt that is painfully too small to wear around her waist, but makes a lovely sequined headband; the adorable pink, sparkly bracelet, the pink zippered coin-purse to go in her new gawdy flowery, pink purse and the little ‘sound’ pillow, pink of course. You’re supposed to be able to plug in your MP3 player to the pillow and lay on it listening to the music flowing from the speaker in the center. She wasn’t impressed. She decided it would make a fine Barbie bed, though!

The candy was inventoried and the unwanted passed along to the garbage disposal Dad.

In the afternoon we headed out for a Sunday drive. Being in a new place always brings out the explorer in us, so we hopped in our Explorer and headed down the road to visit a State Park and a Historical sight. The day was sunny and warm and we enjoyed a walk around Wormsloe State Historic Site.

Another Easter come and gone. Another place we are celebrated a holiday alone. We are happy together as a little family, but miss those days when we could be with the rest of the family!



  1. We know how it is living away from all of our family. We have our youngest daughter and family here. We spent a very quiet day at home on Easter. We attend our church on Saturday nights so Sunday we were really just lazy!! I am glad that you got to do some exploring!! it is fun here!!

  2. 🙂

    Good read! Holidays at it’s best. Cheers!

  3. Lovely Easter gift 🙂

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