Posted by: Deanna | April 1, 2008

Bugs In Georgia

It’s too early in the year to be experiencing the insect world here in Savannah, but we have another bug…in the house…and it’s making us sick.

Apparently, we’ve picked up a flu bug. Ick.

Mary woke up yesterday morning actually crying because she ached so bad! I thought it may be a reaction to the shots she had on Friday. You can read about her happy day here.

I got her out of bed to assess her condition. Was she really sick? Does she not want to go to school? Nope, she was burning up, too.

She sat on the couch for a few minutes and then wanted to go back to bed. She spent the day there and on the couch, drifting in and out of sleep, being just plain pitiful in between.

Poor little thing!

She had no appetite, but I made sure she sipped on water and juice all day.

I started feeling bad toward the middle of the day. Hopefully, it’s just sympathy flu. I don’t want to get it, too!

Dayna called in the evening and told us she was sick, too! What’s going on here? She was at work still and pretty miserable. She’d called Ryan with a list of things to pick up for her at the store before she got home. I hope she was able to get some rest. She works today, too.

I’m breakin’ out the bug spray today (good ol’ Lysol!) and washing bedding, hoping Bill won’t come down with the crud, too!



  1. Wow, I hate that. Bugs run their course through the house when you have kids. My savor, Popsicles. Whenever we are sick and can’t eat, we suck on Popsicles. They give hydration and put a smile on my stepson’s face. Feel better

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