Posted by: Deanna | April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday*Band Geek*


Ain’t she cute?



  1. Aw, she’s VERY cute! My oldest son is in marching band. 🙂

  2. I think so ! Happy WW.

  3. Yes, she is!
    Some of the best times of her life!

  4. Hello fellow Georgian! She may be a Band Geek, but it won’t hurt her any. I have 2 sisters who did that. They each have nothing but fond memories, and one of them got a pretty fair husband out of it, too. They’ve been married 22 years now. I’m not sure if that comforts you or scares you, but my sister is still pleased about it. 😉

  5. Pretty cool uniform. Back in ancient times, when I was in the marching band, we had the UGLIEST uniforms in the world… She looks like she’s enjoying herself. Brings back memories from the dim past… lovely photo.

  6. She is indeed a cute young lady with her band uniform! Happy WW!
    Oh by the way i just got back from one month away of participating the WW so these are my entries now.
    A Dozen Pupppies
    Beautiful Sunset

  7. Very cute indeed! She seems enjoying herself..

    I agree to one of the previous comments, the uniform looks cool. When I was still in school (which seems like decades a go :p) ours was green!! Could you imagine? GREEN!! It was shocking 😀

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