Posted by: Deanna | April 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Journaling says, “So, you must be that little lamb everyone’s been telling me about!”

Photo taken at Billie Creek Village, Rockville, Indiana



  1. Oh how cute!

  2. I love the scrapbooking effect. Cool. That’s one big sheep!
    We went to a petting zoo last summer and the sheep were attacking us! They’re kinda scary. lol. Thanks for stopping by mine. Happy WW!

  3. PERFECT! Perfect picture, perfect page layout.

  4. I know Rockville! Grew up in Indianapolis! Love the pic & page!

  5. cool scrapbooking page. love the lamb/kid conversation!

    happy wednesday

  6. Very cute page.

  7. How sweet, I love the design!

  8. Very beautiful scrap you made here. I love how you did it. Happy WW!
    He’s thinking ahead
    Missing this house

  9. hi, deana! thanks for dropping by my site. that is one wonderful layout you made. i do scrap, too! hope we could be friends.

  10. Beautiful!

  11. That is so cute! It does look like they’re having a conversation 🙂

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