Posted by: Deanna | April 11, 2008

Trouble Adjusting

Pretty much we’re all doing fine.

Bill’s off to work.

Mary’s well enough to go to school on Monday.

I am resigned to the fact that I have to get rid of MORE stuff.

Oreo is really enjoying flying around the house in his normal circus cat manner.

But Boris…

Oh Boris; my poor old cat.

I think he’s loosin’ it.

He’s used to going outside and wandering. Sure, he hasn’t wandered far in the last year or so, but he did enjoy sniffing around the house, the neighbor’s house, chasing butterflies when the mood strikes and he could see them.

Here, though, his domain has been reduced to the apartment and the screened in patio.  He stares out at the grass and pond just beyond the screen and I’m certain he’s plotting against me, trying to figure out just how he can get out there.

He knows that there is something outside that other door we’re always going in and out of. He knows the sound of the jingling keys, whether inside or outside, indicating that the door will swing open and maybe, just for a second, we won’t be paying attention and not be ready for his dash to freedom.

The frustration must be getting to him, though. When he’s not fulfilling his duties of ‘old cat’, sleeping, eating, digging in the cat box, yowling for milk or a sip of water from the bathroom faucet, he sits and stares at the bottom of the sliding door out to the patio.

To explain this better, I need to delve into some technical terms, so please bear with me.

You know at the bottom of the screen door, that fuzzy thing that runs the length of the door and runs along the track when opening or closing the door and makes a quiet ‘whoosh’ sound as the door moves? Yeah that.

Boris is SURE that this is some alien creature, or an invisible bug or something. When he hears the door open he starts digging around in the track of the sliding door, swatting, clawing and trying to get whatever is making that sound. He bumps his head on the glass trying to get in there with his teeth.

The first time he did this it was quite amusing! “Awww, look! Boris is playing like a cat!” I stood just inside the door and moved the slider back and forth, amusing myself and the cat. He chases the sound, then runs inside to see if he could ‘get it’ from the other side of the door. I smiled, giggled and baby talked to him.

“Oh, Boris, you’re so funny!”

No matter how amusing, this has caused a little problem.

Now when Boris is at the door, staring at me, sending me those subliminal cat messages like, “Okay, I want in now.” “Hey! Person! Come open the door now! I know you just sat down, that’s why I want in!”, I don’t really know if this is the real message he’s sending. I get up, open the door, and he just stands there, gazing at the door thingy, contemplating trying to catch that ‘bug’ again. He doesn’t come in. So I close the door.

While inside the house, he’ll just sit and stare at the bottom of the door. Waiting for his prey to make an appearance, waiting to pounce. He just stares.

I think he’s lost it.

Poor Boris.


  1. Poor Boris!

    Deanna, I like the way you tell the story I can almost see him stares at the bottom of the door day after day, except maybe in my head Boris might not look the same as the real Boris :p…

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