Posted by: Deanna | April 12, 2008

Girls Shopping

Mary and I had a good day yesterday. We headed over to the mall in Savannah, the one we haven’t been back to since our first visit in January, to mill about and see what there was to see. Bill was saved from this outing since he had to work.

By the time we got over there I was really hungry, so we stopped at the food court and had a salad first. We played dueling forks as Mary and I dug into the salad we shared.

We weren’t shopping for anything in particular, but I wanted to look around for outfits for our family portrait that we are planning on having done.

We browsed a couple stores and then went into Macy’s. Mary had noticed before how big the Macy’s store was so we went in to nose around.

In the juniors section Mary found some clothes that she really liked. We were going to try some on until I pointed out the price tag of one particular pair of jeans that she had found. $69.00! She didn’t want anything to do with them. It was pretty funny.

She did try on a dress that we found that she liked, but they didn’t have a size that fit well.

We headed upstairs and wandered through the housewares. There’s a lot of cool stuff up there! They had a ton of Fiesta ware (that I love) and just about everything under the sun for house and home. I picked up a set of knives that were on sale. Great deal! Almost half off! We have a drawer full of mismatched knives and a wood block of knives on the counter that aren’t great. The set I bought will take the place of all that and be on the counter freeing up some much needed drawer space.

I picked up a couple pairs of shoes for kickin’ around town. Now I have something other to wear than the flip flops I bought at Ron Jon’s in Cocoa Beach a while ago. Mary found an endless supply of girly shoes she just loved, but I did not indulge her, since we just recently spent some good bucks on shoes for her.

We relaxed a while at Starbucks, sipping our coffee, mine hot, hers cold, with only a smidgen of coffee, and watched people wandering the mall.

On our way out we browsed through Barnes & Noble where Mary found a book she wanted.

It was a pretty good day! Our feet were sore, but we had a good time.

We made our way toward Bill’s work to pick him up. We had some time to kill so I pulled into a spot at the back of the parking lot, rolled down the windows and waited for the stream of blue uniforms to emerge from the hangar where Bill works. Mary almost instantly fell asleep! She’d reclined her seat, snuggled up in the afghan that we keep in the truck and was out like a light!

Today we were supposed to go to a Srawberry Festival, but Bill got some overtime and had to go into work. Later this afternoon he has an appointment to get an eye exam so he can get his safety glasses for work, so we’ll probably hit the festival tomorrow.

Hope the weather is as nice this weekend as it was yesterday!

Well, that’s about it for now! Shout out a hello in the comment area! And enjoy your day!



  1. Nothing better than a day spent with a daughter! Sounds like fun. Hope your weather warms for St. Pat’s. We had such a great time there last year at this time!

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