Posted by: Deanna | April 13, 2008

Strawberry Festival

New state, new town, new things to do! I have been searching the newspaper and the internet for things for us to do on the weekends.

I love festivals.

They’re usually very lively, filled with people enjoying the outdoors, vendors hawking their wares, the smell of the food floating on the breeze. It’s great.

There weren’t too many in North Florida. The biggest one they had annually was the Ollustee Festival where they would recreate the battle of Ollustee from the Civil War. They shut down main street downtown where crafters and vendors would fill the street for all to see.

So I found the Ottowa Strawberry Festival was to be held this weekend in Bloomingdale, Georgia, just  a mile or two away from us in Pooler. I didn’t think we would be able to attend since Bill snagged some overtime at his job, but he was home around eleven thirty. We prodded Mary off the couch to get dressed and we were off, map in hand, to go enjoy the day outside.

The weather was beautiful! A bit windy, but not too hot, not too humid.

We found the place with no problem and pulled in, weaving through the maze of cars and guys pointing the way to the most convenient parking spot. The line to get in was a bit long, and inside the entrance we could see a stage filled with musicians and could hear them plucking away at some old songs. The seats in front of them were filled with people.

To the right of the entrance was a covered area filled with chairs with people trying the homemade strawberry ice cream that the huge sign overhead boasted.

We strolled down the path gazing at all the vendors with handcrafts for sale. Quite a few people were set up under their canopies waiting to show and sell something they’d crafted. Mary found a couple purses made with Elvis material! She was thrilled! I wanted to buy one for her, but I’d forgotten I’d used the cash I had at the restaurant Friday night and didn’t replace it! Ooops!

We were looking foward to picking some nice strawberries there. There was a line a mile long of people, their hands holding buckets, baskets and bags filled with the fruit they’d picked waiting to get it weighed and paid for. We grabbed a bag and headed out to the field to look for strawberries.

We were a bit disappointed.

They had all been picked over, leaving only small or green berries on the rows and rows of plants. They may not have had a good year, either, as I’m sure Georgia is suffering from drought as Florida is. We left the field empty handed. Oh well.

We tried a bit of the ice cream. It was delicious! Maybe that’s where all the strawberries went.

We left the festival only having been there an hour or so. I was a bit disappointed, but I’m sure there will be other festivals to explore. It looks like rain today, but if it clears up maybe we’ll head downtown.

I only took two pictures of our little adventure! Amazing, huh?


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