Posted by: Deanna | April 14, 2008

What a pitiful ‘mew’!

Poor Oreo! He sits in the kitchen staring at the little corner of the floor that is ‘the cat cafe’ wondering what happened to the bowls?

A bit later this morning, I have to stuff him into the dreaded cat carrier and haul him over to the vet for his de-clawing. He hasn’t had any breakfast yet and since I picked up the bowls last night around midnight, he had no snack during the night which is probably the reason he was intent on annoying me all night long!  He found every piece of paper that made the most lovely crinkly noise (to a cat) that he could find and brought them all to me. He also played kitty pin-ball which entails launching himself (picture him as the ball) and bouncing off of every surface in whatever room he happens to be in, is quiet for a moment, then launches himself again.  The only sounds missing from this game of pin-ball are the bells and whistles. He replaces the ding-ding sounds with the crashing of things falling to the floor and of him sliding into a wall somewhere, only to bounce right back, harass Boris (the old cat who inserts some hissing into the game) and continue with the game.

In between racing around and running out to the screened-in porch this morning, he sits in the kitchen and, after trying to prove how cute he is by all those circus acts, he looks up at me with those big eyes and gives me the most pitiful ‘Mew?’ Yes, it’s in the form of a question.

I apologize profusely as I fill my coffee cup and turn out of the kitchen. Poor Oreo!

Then he stalks and attacks my ankles.

Gotta go clean up that spilled coffee.

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