Posted by: Deanna | April 21, 2008

A Good Day So Far!

Other than being up half the night, then falling asleep on the couch after Bill headed out the door for work, thus sleeping past the time I have to get Mary up to catch the bus, it’s been a good morning! No really! I took her to school and that gave her a little bit more ‘getting ready’ time today. I’m sure she liked that. She hasn’t complained about the bus, but knowing Mary, I’m sure she doesn’t like getting up earlier than she’s used to.

From school I drove out to Kroger. We used to shop at Kroger in Indianapolis and when we found one here it was, “Hey Wow! A Kroger!” Okay, so we’re easily amused and delighted.

As I’ve written before, we didn’t care for the town in Florida we lived in for many reasons. One good reason for not liking it was our choice of shopping. I just won’t buy fruit and veggies at WalMart, it’s literally the bottom of the barrel. We had Publix and Winn-Dixie in Florida, but the fruit and veggies weren’t much better.

Walk into the Kroger here and Wow! Look at the variety! The quality! Oh, yeah…the prices! lol But for fresh stuff I’ll pay it.

First I grabbed a coffee at Starbucks (right in the Kroger!) and sat down to sip that glorious cafe mocha and go through the coupons I clipped from yesterday’s paper (a LOCAL paper! With ads for stores that actually exist in this town!).

I grabbed a cart and wandered through the veggies, picking and choosing, marveling wide eyed at all the bright colors before me.

This Kroger is huge! It’s a good two times bigger (maybe more) than the one we shopped at in Indy. The floors are clean and the aisles accommodate carts passing each other without having to rub the sides like two race cars vying for first place.

The store was obviously designed by a woman.

One who actually frequents such places.

Now I’m home, dreading the thought that I need to stop in at WalMart to pick up some cat food and a few other things needed for the week.

I think I’ll clean the toilets first. I like doing that much better than going to WalMart.



  1. Toilets over Walmart. UGH!!! Sorry I will take a trip to Walmart first anyday! LOL

    Love ya,


  2. Glad you are getting proper care for your ailment. And glad you found a good grocery store…why even I (who never grocery shops) found it alluring from your description! lol

  3. Deanna, I am so sorry that you are really tired!! Me too!! But no blood work here yet!! I need to call the doctor i guess..again!! i am not a fan of going but something just is not right with me.
    So glad that you found Krogers. We do have some nice ones here. Most of them have been remodeled! I go to Walmart all of the time. Sorry but i like going!! i know so many that hate it. Oh well. To each his own.
    Let us know how you get along. You need some big time iron therapy…Sandy

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