Posted by: Deanna | May 17, 2008

Savannah Wandering

First, I have to post another picture of Dayna and Ryan. They were on their way back to Florida Monday afternoon when I took this (sniff, sniff).

Yesterday, Mary had a half day at school so we decided to go downtown to visit the ‘big’ library here in Savannah. I thought it was down by the river, but when I googled it I learned it wasn’t. Not too far from the river and the Historic part of town, but not exactly where I felt comfortable walking around, snapping photos alone with Mary.

The grounds were beautiful, though! The oak trees here are old and spectacular! The Spanish moss hangs like someone took the time to place them ‘just so’, perfectly arranged on the branches.

Mary was wide-eyed and astounded by the size of the library! As we walked up the steps to the doors, side-stepping the many high-school kids hanging out there, she pointed out all the different architectural details of the building.

When you go through the doors you don’t see much of the library until you make your way to the back of the hall where it opens up on the left to the children’s area. On the right is the staircase that winds it’s way to the floor above.

We browsed the children’s area for a while. Mary was looking for Holes. She’s reading it in school and they don’t have enough copies for her to bring it home to read and she wanted to check it out. We didn’t find one, though. All checked out. I guess she wasn’t the first with that idea.

What caught her eye the most was a little room off to the side with a big sign proclaiming “Book Store”. This is where she spent most of her time! She found books on Egypt, the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, Congress, and several other interesting topics. With the whopping price of fifty cents apeice, she was in book heaven and lit up joyously when I told her we could by all she’d picked out.

I found two books on Katherine Hepburn that I thought would be fun to read. One is written by her, Me, and the other by A. Scott Berg, Kate Remembered.

We explored the top floor for a while where Mary found a lot of history books that one day I’m sure she’ll read from cover to cover. We sat and glanced through our book store finds for a little bit and then headed out.

We left the library and drove around looking at old houses. Some were in great need of repair, but were brain food for the imagination. Mary said, “I know I’m here today, but in my mind I’m in my own book where the houses are all new and pretty!”

We lost ourselves in our imaginations for a bit, turning wherever we wanted to see what we would find down one street or another, then headed toward the modern area of Savannah to find that all time favorite place, Michael’s! This is always a fine place to wander. It doesn’t matter that there is basically the same stuff in the store, we look up and down each aisle in search of something to spark some creativity. We’re never disappointed.

It was raining a bit when we came out of the store and I thought it best to make our way home, hopefully before the Friday afternoon traffic got in full swing. We almost made it. Traffic was crazy, and we were stopped dead for quite a while making our way down Abercorn near the Savannah Mall.

Today Bill is working overtime and Mary and I plan on scrappin’ the day away! We haven’t pulled out the paper, pictures and scissors since we moved here, so today is a fine day to get it started again! Of course, there are tons of things that I should be doing, but they can wait. Now the only thing left to decide for the day is if we’re going to change out of our jammies to scrap or not!




  1. oh, those are beautiful pics! reminds me that that’s a place my husband and i have been dreaming about visiting …

  2. Oh wow, makes me want to get back home NOW! We are from SC but we always stay on Hilton Head Island, just down the road from Savannah! 🙂 Anyway, you asked on my blog if I had ever taken apart wooden stamps. I have not but I know lots of people have and LOVE it. I am just not that brave yet. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

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