Posted by: Deanna | May 26, 2008

Weekend Stuff

Nothing too new and exciting around here to blog about, but thought I’d sit and tap out a few things to keep in time with the thumping and banging going on over my head. The upstairs neighbors are home enjoying their weekend, too, and the percussion of the kids feet, balls and various toys is continuous! Maybe they’ll go enjoy the pool in a little while.

Bill worked Saturday. He was very happy about getting the over-time. He had yesterday off and is working today; 12 hours! He’s lovin’ it. Until tonight when he’ll be nodding off around eight o’clock. That’s okay. I will just nudge him to go to bed.

Saturday, Mary and I headed to the flea market. A few weeks ago we found an Elvis purse that she just fell in love with! It was a bit expensive, but I couldn’t resist getting it for her. Her face just lit up when I told her she could have it. We talked about how it wasn’t to be played with, that she had to use it as a ‘real’ purse and carry it when we out, not fill it with treasures and toys when she’s playing. She’s been very good about it, too. She has it on her arm whenever we go out, packed with her High School Musical MP3 player, her wallet and a newly found book filled with Elvis pictures and stories. 

While walking through WalMart a few days ago, the strap broke! She was devastated! She was sure she had broken it by having too much stuff in it. I tried to assure her she didn’t and there was nothing she could have done to prevent the strap from breaking.

We found the couple that have the booth at the flea market full of pretty purses and jewelry, explained what had happened and asked if they would exchange it. If they wouldn’t, we’d found a leather-guy (well, not a guy made of leather, but one who works with it. Although he did have that aged leather-like look to him) who said he could repair it if they would not exchange it. They agreed to exchange it, though, and told Mary to hang on to it and come back next weekend and they’d have another purse for her. They remembered her from when we bought it, impressed by her love of Elvis and all things from the 50’s era.

We wandered around a little while later, stopping by the puppies and shamelessly greeted them with baby talk, picking out the baby that we just had to have someday in the future and walking away, solemn and empty handed. No puppy for us.

Thanks to Grandma, we had some money to spend on summer clothes for Mary. I asked Mary if she had any place she wanted to go in particular and she said,


She’d never been in a KMart and after seeing the cute, glossy ads on television, she knew she’d just love it! There’s one here in Savannah. We never saw one in Florida.

When we went through the doors, I expected Mary to be excited about exploring this new retail heaven, but she said instead, “It looks like a really old, dirty WalMart!”

She did find some cute tops, though.

Yesterday we hung around here. Bill cooked hamburgers on the grill and we had a nice quiet day. (The neighbors upstairs were in the pool most of the day.)

Our family portraits came in and I have a pile of mailers on the table, all addressed and filled with pictures for the family! So keep an eye out in your mailbox as these will be on their way to you soon! Do what you will with them. If you don’t want ’em, mark them ‘return to sender’ and I’ll send them to some other unsuspecting person. Or scrapbook ’em.



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