Posted by: Deanna | June 10, 2008

Bye, Bye Dayna!

Well, Saturday we headed south to Orlando to see Dayna and Ryan before they hit the road to California. They’ll be on the road sometime today, anxious to leave Florida.

We left Saturday morning and headed down I-95, stopping a couple times on the way, but made it to Orlando around 1:00; it’s about a 4 hour drive.

The apartment was a familiar sight; piles of boxes here and there, the walls empty of pictures waiting for Bill to fill the nail holes, cupboards empty.

We visited for a bit, then headed out to the Florida Mall to do some wandering. We were to meet some friends and family in town for the week for dinner and were waiting to get a call from them while we window shopped.

Mary was thrilled to see a Disney Store! They’ve been closing them down all over the place, so we had to stop in there! Mary browsed, we followed her. I caught the guys looking intently at something and quickly snapped a picture.


Turns out they found some toys from the movie ‘Cars’ and were having fun playing with those. Bill likes ‘Mater, the tow truck. I couldn’t talk him into buying one. I guess he was happy to just play with them on the shelf!

Dayna went in and out of a bunch of clothes stores, browsing, looking at a lot, but ended up with only one shirt. Pinching pennies is a tough job for a girl who’s about to drive across the country! That shirt cost about a gallon and a half of gas! Sheez, the prices these days.

Of course, we had to go into Build-a-Bear. Mary has two animals from there, a cat and a dog, both pink, and she loves to get outfits for them when we happen to run across a store in our travels and she has some money to spend. We left her and Bill to browse while Dayna, Ryan and I wandered a bit. When we returned they were in line with new swim suits for the pink pets, and a free beach towel to boot! Mary was thrilled!

We got a call from Diana while we were at the mall and we decided to meet for dinner around six-thirty over near Universal Studios. There’s restaurants everywhere and this is one Diana knew from prior visits to town.

We still had a bit of time, so we went to the M & M store. Wow! I’d been there before, but Bill and Mary hadn’t. Mary was astounded! I think she looked at everything! Naturally, what she wanted to do most was fill up a bag with pink M & M’s from one of the dozens of HUGE tubes of candy lining the wall and the ceiling! We never did, though. She can just dream about it.

I picked up some postcards and Bill bought a key chain. Yup. We’re big spenders.

Snapped some pictures, though! (‘betcha wouldn’t have guessed that!)

There’s Mary and Ryan by the green M & M.

Dinner was fun! We met the gang at TGI Fridays. We were there a few minutes before they arrived and got a table big enough for our group. It was kind of in a hallway, of sorts, a little awkward, but it worked. The balloon guy came by and made all kinds of things for the ‘kids’ at the table. Mary got a flower, Katie a dinosaur, Dustin a scorpion and Diana got a motorcycle! They were all really cute!

After dinner we visited outside for a little while. The whole group was tired from their planes, trains and automobile adventure just to get to Orlando. They were looking forward to resting up before they hit the parks the next day. It was SO nice to see them, though! It had been a while.

I busted in on a conversation of some strangers near us and asked them to take a group picture of us. We got a good one!

We left Orlando Sunday afternoon for the long ride home. I managed to stay composed. Didn’t cry, didn’t pitch a fit, didn’t throw myself under Dayna’s car forcing her to change her mind and not move so far away from us. We left them to their boxes.  They’re heading out today, though, Tuesday… Bill took the truck to work so I couldn’t head them off at the intersection of I-75 and I-10 and make them stay.


They’re going to have a grand time! A great adventure! A long, boring drive through Texas! But crossing that California state line is going to be the best feeling for them both. It’s something they want to do, have worked hard for it and I wish them the best in everything they do.


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