Posted by: Deanna | June 12, 2008

On the Road with Dayna

Well, I’m not really on the road with her physically, but thanks to cell phone technology I’m with her as best as I can. Here’s our adventure from last night~~~~

I’ve been on the phone with Dayna off and on all day. They’ve driven a lot of miles and it’s taking it’s toll.

Earlier today she was hot and tired. They’d slept for a while, but Ryan said he couldn’t sleep because he was in the truck worrying about Dayna sleeping in the car. Dayna slept like a rock for four hours.

By early afternoon and having fought their way through the traffic in Houston, Dayna was really hot, really tired and worried about the cats being too hot.  At this point, I knew they would need a good rest soon. Unfortunately, I don’t have any money until Friday, so I called Grandma and, of course, she came through again. She’s putting some money in Dayna’s account so they can get a hotel room and not use any of their gas money.

I talked to Dayna again around seven and she was in high spirits after a fifteen minute power nap and said they were going to drive until nine or ten and then stop and get a hotel.

Cool. She’s happy. The wheels are rolling. The cats are alive and well in the car and the fish are traveling happily (well, maybe not happily) in the truck with Ryan.

About an hour ago, the phone rings. It’s Dayna.

“Okay, you need to help me calm down.”

Okay. What happened?

They pulled into a hotel parking lot and Ryan got the truck in a position he can’t get out of. Now, Ryan has never driven a moving truck, let alone a moving truck with a trailer, a trailer towing a car. We gave them the best advice we could,

“Don’t back up! Make sure whereever you go, you can pull through.”

This worked wonderful until now.

So I’m on the phone while Dayna is yelling, “Good! Come back! Turn to the left! Okay! No turn to the right….”

The front of the truck is wedged up against a little tree. She tells him to just take it out. It’s small. This hotel doesn’t allow pets, so they won’t mind!

She is frustrated beyond belief.

I ask her how far away is the gas station. Not far. Cool. Drive up there and see if there is anyone who would come help them get the truck out of this precarious position.

This is not something Dayna wants to do. Ask for help? Huh! Okay, what’s the name of the gas station?

While she’s walking toward the station, I’m tapping away on the computer trying to find the phone number of the station so I can call and ask someone to come help my poor, stranded, furious, borderline psychotic daughter who is traveling across the country for the first time and really thought there would be absolutely no problems whatsoever!

Of course, I couldn’t find a phone number, but apparently this station has the best gas prices in the area. That’s some good information for later.

So, Dayna’s walking and mumbling into the phone and tells me she’s walking through a field now.

“A what? It’s dark! Who knows what creatures are living in a dark field in the middle of Texas!”

“No,Mom, it’s gravel. It’s like a big parking lot.”

Okay, but you said field.

Apparently, if there wasn’t a drop off, they could pull the truck forward and drive through this gravel field and not have to back up. They would just have to take out the tree and mangle the hotels pretty grass to get there.

She was up for that. They wouldn’t let her cats stay there. She doesn’t care.

The truck is now pulled safely into this gravel parking lot and Dayna now loses it.

First it was very quiet. Then I hear her sobbing. Then she started babbling something I couldn’t understand. Then she screamed. Then she felt a little better.

Poor kid. I really do feel bad for her, but what a learning experience this will be! (She’ll kill me if she ever reads this.)

So now I’m waiting to see if they got checked into the hotel I found just down the street from where they were. She needs a shower and a good nights sleep. Things will be better tomorrow.



  1. Hello!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting yesterday!! I have been reading and wow what an adventure for your daughter!! Our son lives in California too. He has been there for some time. If she is seeking high gas prices well she is going to the right state!! I take it they are moving because of a job? She is going to be a mess when they finally get there. WOW!! What a trip. Hope your day is going well. Sandy

  2. I know Grandma talked to her last night. She was so cute. She didn’t want to get the money from Grandma. But Dayna finally gave in. It had cooled down some when we last talked to her. Obviously the night was not over.

    Hope things are going better today.


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