Posted by: Deanna | June 13, 2008

Still on the road

Still on the road and finally out of Texas, Dayna called me last night while we were out and about. Their day went much better yesterday after the truck adventures. Dayna did encounter a creepy guy at the hotel when she went down to the car to get something, but nothing came of it. Just creeped her out.

They were in New Mexico when she called, headed toward Phoenix where they’ll stop and visit Ryan’s family for a day or two. It will be good for them to stop, rest and see people after a few days of practically continuous driving.

The phone charger was damaged so they’re saving the charge on the phones, turning them off and only using them sparingly. They should get charged up in Phoenix, though.

Bill’s working over-time this weekend, a double shift today and a shift tomorrow. He’s tired, but he’s lovin’ it.

Mary’s school is closed again today. They’re still cleaning up after the mercury exposure on Wednesday.

Such an exciting blog today! Oh well. 

Here’s a picture that I promised Grandma! So cute!

(Don’t know who the little red-headed kid is passing by behing them is…)


Added some Savannah pix to the album! Click on photos and Scrapbooks to find them!



  1. Glad to hear their day was much better yesterday. Now I know why we couldn’t get a hold of her yesterday.


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