Posted by: Deanna | June 14, 2008

Visiting Grandparents

The kids made it to Phoenix today and are visiting Ryan’s grandparents and family living there. It will do them both good to visit and relax before they make their last dash to their new home in California.

Mary’s school was closed again today, so around mid-morning we headed out the door and went over to see a townhome we found yesterday, but it was too dark to really see much. I had gone out in the afternoon yesterday to escape the circus performers practicing upstairs in search of rental homes. I stumbled upon a few around town and later took Bill and Mary around to check out what I’d found. We just happened upon a listing of homes and town-homes in the area when we were cruising through a neighborhood in Port Wentworth. There was a list of five or six town-homes available for rent in Pooler, but we had never run across anything like that in our travels thus far and were interested to find them.

When we had just about given up, Bill spotted a sign and we followed it. The neighborhood is so cool! As we drove around it first reminded me of the houses in Los Angeles with the covered front porches and the garages in the back yard. But then today, in the daylight, I could see they were recreating a style of homes that are still here in Savannah, the classic style of some homes downtown. These, of course, are new and modern, but still have a quaint charm to them.

Mary and I called the phone number on the paper we’d found and planned on meeting with the realtor in the neighborhood. When we got there we went inside. She’d told us to go ahead and look around. We fell in love with it instantly! The realtor arrived shortly after we had looked around that town-home along with the other four that were there with different floor plans.

When Bill came home from work we, of course, drove over there again so he could see inside. He really likes it, too. So we’re going to fill out the paper work and see if she can get us in there. She told us these particular town-homes are owned by investors and would like to have long-term tenants in there. So keep your fingers crossed for us! I had so hoped that the apartment here would be good for us. That’s what I get for thinking, right? It’s almost one in the morning now and the kids upstairs are still stomping around.

I still think they’re bowling up there.


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